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  • drsmith ·

    I was just browsing some old threads and came across the 'Fumoto drain valve' and was wondering if you still sell them?


    Hey man,
    Emailed ya from site asking about the 5 led drl's. Just curiousbut do they come as a set or as individual units? I really wanna order them but don't want to over order. Thanks...
    Uptown Dog Co ·
    No protrusion. The plug on the smart is on the side of the pan at the bottom. So it only protrudes slightly sideways. The oil filter is much lower.
    Uptown Dog Co ·
    I'll have to take a look. Not much if any. I take care of the tax and shipping. What you see is the total price. Have you clicked on any of my links in my posts, or when I thank someone, the link is there. I don't get it.
    a2jack ·
    I need to know how far beneath the oil pan the QC protrudes. And any tax or shipping charges.

    BTW changed computers and still can only get to your profile, not your web site, A2jack
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