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  • LittoDeviL ·
    Hmm... I've watched an event at Laguna Seca before... and I do own a DeTomaso Pantera err... but thanks for finding my engine rebuild thread fascinating :)
    2smartArizona ·
    Yeah, that's the new place....last guy restored Studebakers, and when he passed away, his wife sold it all. The lift has changed my life. I love the e46, and I will most likely keep it when my smart gets here, but I hope, when it gets here in two months or so, that it will not disappoint, and I will enjoy it. Hope I can get it up on the lift too....easier oil changes. Glad to meet you out here, and I will watch your aerodynamic progress.
    geosynch ·
    Hi Vince,

    Thanks for the link to the install. i had seen it before, but now I know where to find it again fast when I need to.

    I'm not afraid of the 45 minute install per se, but free time is precious with a more than full-time job and a family. It's the 45 minute install and then uninstall if I'm unhappy with the BPP touring version.

    tigerwong58 ·
    Yes, I gave up, it's too loud. I just put on the DTH last night, huge difference, and more responsive. I will put a picture of both in my gallery soon.
    GiantKiller ·
    No I didn't have alignment checked all the how to's didn't say to, and it feels fine. I might anyway, just to be anal. I just got done doing the randyzimmer swaybar mod. Almost no body roll any more. YYEEEHHAA!!!
    ShaneXman ·

    Oh man, that's not good. When I had my first sunshade replaced at BH Benz, I got there at about 6:30 am and waited till they opened so I would be taken care of first. I was in and out of there in a matter of 30 minutes. I guess you hit a busy time, but from my experience they are pretty quick. I don't know if BH has gotten the revised sunshades yet, but I'm sure you will be able to give us an update in due time. ;)

    I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't have the same issue again. lol
    ShaneXman ·

    I actually had my sunshade replaced by Beverly Hill Mercedes, and the same problem is happening. I won't be going back to BH to fix the issue as I live in South Orange County. Laguna Niguel Mercedes has informed me that they are waiting on the new batch, and they should get them in stock by next week. Maybe BH has the new ones as well...Thanks! :)
    ShaneXman ·
    I raced both at Big Willow, and at Streets of Willow. My best time at the Big Track was 1:28:00 consistently. At Streets of Willow, I was running 1:20's...which is pretty good considering how technical it is (especially on a 600). They both have their own series for racing, but always enjoyed running Big Willow better. Man I miss it...

    I too have been fiddling with cars for as long as I can remember, and have done some track stuff...but never raced. Motorcycle racing is expensive enough, I most definitely couldn't afford having 4 tires gripping the pavement. HA HA! ;)
    ShaneXman ·
    Yup, riding is my passion...but I couldn't keep up financially. I had to re-prioritize my life and put riding on hold. I will probably be purchasing a GSX-R or CBR 600 the next time around since they pay contingency. Racing a Triumph was the deal breaker... A) Beacause they don't pay SQUAT, and B) because they make unreliable parts (blew my BRAND NEW race prepped motor at Streets of Willow). :( I wish I still had a bike, we could have gone riding. :p
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