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  • dave_m16 ·
    Thank you! Bought my 2010 10 days ago and AC (I'm in FL) started turning off when I hit bumps then starting back up randomly. Dealer and an AC place said I needed new blower motor and predicted 2 hours labor. Saw your post and after pulling up the floor on the passenger side (found my battery and tire repair kit!), searching under the front hood, then the engine compartment in the back, and taking off a bunch of pieces I didn't need to, I finally found the blower motor by jamming myself under the driver side dash. It twisted off just like you said it would and cleaned up nicely. Put it back in and got cold air blowing. Nobody who has ever met me would ever consider me a mechanic or even remotely mechanically inclined. That cars move at all is magic to me; voodoo, and I think mechanics are wizards. This is one of my prouder accomplishments. I figure either of the shops I went to would have got me for $300-$400. Seriously can't thank you enough.
    oldstieg ·
    Thank you very much for you instructions on removing fenders in order to adjust my door hinge. I was apprehensive but with your guidance it went very well!
    BimmerDob ·
    Ah, okay. well if you ever hear of some one in need of a donor, I plan on keeping my spare and maybe someday doing an autopsy :) If the bus failure is a common "wear item" and could be fixed in the existing shift module, could be helpful to others and save $250.
    Blade ·
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blower went from occasionally intermittent to practically dead in a very short time and of course just as the bad weather arrived in NY. I am sure this post saved me hours of frustration under the dash. Could not believe how easy this was. Fan was disconnected and out in less that a minute (probably less than 30 seconds). Cleaned, lubed and back in 5 minutes later. Problem solved. At least for now. We will see how long it lasts.
    Pamela&Jon ·
    Also wanted to thank you for the blower motor post - on my list! And I saw in a post of yours that you service your Smartie every 5k. What services do you do? I am a bit over 30K and want that to be 1/8 of her life - so need to keep her in shape. Would love it if you could share your 'recommended' services list.


    2008 Passion
    San Franciso
    heating man ·
    I would like to be put on the liat for the Indiana chapter I live in Indianapolis. I did want to go to the Ropkey event but I never got around to RSVP ing
    ExonicJay ·
    Thanks for the blower motor tip. My Smart (9,000 miles) just started intermittent operation. I will remove it and do the fix you outlined. Thanks in advance.
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