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  • wlmory ·
    Thanks for your reply and apologies for taking so long to respond, I don't get to the site often. We leased a 2017 cabriolet ED in October. Considered buying the prior 2015 ED, but that would have meant buying the $80/mo battery bill for the next 5 years and that didn't seem worth it. The 2017 does not have that issue as they roll the battery into the lease payment now. At this point we love the car...well except for a couple of things, 1) the cabriolet does not have electric adjusting outside mirrors. A minor issue for the drivers side but you cant change the passenger with leaning over and then you don't see what you want. Wouldn't be an issue, but both my wife and I drive it and want the right side in different position. The cab. has more wind/outside noise than I expected on some pavements, but that goes with it being a cab., just takes a bit of getting used to and the fact it has the lousiest radio I had ever....the FM reception is almost non-existent. Since St. Charles (where we leased the last ED) wasn't selling any more, I didn't bother to go back there, but when I inquired at Lincolnwood where they used to (in 2008-9 anyway) have a variety of options/upgrades available for radios and other feature (tires/exhaust/arm rest) they no longer do and said the radio wasn't upgradeable. I'm looking into after market now and hope an antenna does the trick, but since it's leased and there is no external antenna on this model, I'm not sure what can be done. I'll replace the radio if possible, but that means the controls for it and the phone on the steering wheel die, so that's not a good solution either. The other "complaint" is that the rear widow does not have a wiper...of course that's another cabriolet driven issue, but it is still missed.

    I'm looking at installing a rearview camera and found one at Bestbuy for $179 that is in a replacement rearview mirror. Brilliant actually, but I haven't quite figured out how the existing one comes off the windshield. I'll let you know if you are interested.

    The 2017 is larger, feels even better at highway speeds, both ED's are superior in that regard to the 2008 ICE we put 50k on, but that has to do with the improved stability feature and the battery placement. The 2017 tho' wider turns in a tighter circle and I think it's now the ideal size....just wish it went 125 miles on a charge, not the 70 miles (if driven VERY conservatively) that it really does.

    Driving from Calif. back to northern Illinois must have been a LONG haul! I drove our 2008 ICE from Boston to Chicago (non-stop) when we got it as we ordered when they first advertised (our was one of the first 100 to come to the US), but by the time it arrived, we'd moved.

    I just got my "you can configure your Model 3" email from Tesla, but am holding off because I'm not sure I want the $49k version....and without even test driving. Tesla has really pushed the kool-aide fro these, but I'm happy w/ the smart and may actiually wait for the iPace Jaguar for the long range electric.

    Thanks again, happy "smarting"!
    Miss Mercedes ·
    Good afternoon!!! Firstly, a belated welcome to the Midwest! Not all is miserable out here, but it's pretty close! :D

    Very good question! I bought my first smart from smart center Lincolnwood. It was a 2012 lease that I purchased at lease end. I got it warranty serviced at Lake Bluff (closed), Lincolnwood, and St. Charles.

    I got my second smart from smart center West Covina in Southern California. The Chicago dealers were requesting about $3k+ in down payments from me while West Covina only wanted $500 and offered me a rare edition #1 at that. So I flew out, picked it up, then drove it back home to Illinois. It's seen warranty service at Lincolnwood and St. Charles.

    I find both dealers infuriatingly unsatisfactory. Both dealerships have damaged both cars at some point, and getting them to fix even an obvious problem takes 2 or 3 visits. I've once been told that they won't re-align my passenger door because no poorly aligned door will never cause a CEL.

    I've also learned how to change my own oil and replace some parts myself, because even things like an oil change is pretty expensive.

    Hope that helps!
    - Mercedes
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