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  1. starter spinning

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Running for 30-40 seconds after a cold start? You're hearing the secondary air injection pump. It's normal. :)
  2. It's down to the wire. Lease is up. BUY or TURN IN??????

    smart General Discussion
    There's a guy that seriously offroads an orange Crosstrek in my state's Gambler 500. It's quite the capable vehicle! Good choice! I was going to say that your new roof will deteriorate too, just a matter of when...
  3. Wheel bearing

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    My rear bearings started failing at 100k. Thought it was the front but I was wrong. Rears are bolted on, fronts are pressed on. Dealership will tell you the front bearings cannot be replaced (and thus you have to buy the whole spindle) but that's wrong. There aren't a whole lot of bits to...
  4. Must i Service my 451 now or can i wait?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I know some may disagree, but I feel there's no harm in going a little bit over the recommendation. I've done it several times, engine still runs like a champ. 3.5k KM isn't a lot!
  5. Possible to run 4 identical winter tires?

    smart General Discussion
    I've run the same size on my car since 20k miles or so. It's said that wider tires are worse in snow but I've never noticed anything. With four equal tires you will have less understeer, but you likely won't notice unless you drive near the limit.
  6. Trailer Hitch for 2016 453?

    Also, the maximum load the vehicle itself can carry (often called payload) is not what the vehicle can tow in trailer weight. Example: My parents' full size SUV has a payload of 1,700 pounds, but a trailer weight capacity of 9,000 pounds. You still shouldn't exceed your payload (gear...
  7. Tucker is dead, sorta!

    smart General Discussion
    That's the toll going offroad takes on an engine bay. Even my truck looked like this after a weekend of playing in the dirt. Good thing about smart engines is they take no time to clean. Grease stuff is penetrating oil. The broken hose thing? I accidentally punctured that when changing my spark...
  8. EV/Tesla discussion

    The Car Lounge
    Yeah, never figured out where that dude got his "facts" from. šŸ¤· Oh well, he's banned and gone now.
  9. Tucker is dead, sorta!

    smart General Discussion
    With all the offroading, towing, and aggressive driving I do, you'd think I would have broken something by now. Nope! Mother Nature achieved what I have not. Upon getting home from the Gambler 500 Tennessee and picking up a Vespa I noticed the engine was sounding seriously tappety. It was warm...
  10. Smartville Factory, Hambach, France

    smart General Discussion
    Don't hold your breath. It's been long confirmed that smart is all EV from 2020 forward. The ICE dies with the 453.
  11. Long night

    Off-Topic Cafe
    Hugs Sorry for your loss and condolences. Like the others said, remember the good times. <3
  12. Essential and Special Tools

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I believe it can! It has a program that tries to adjust and reteach the transmission. I've been using it to try to revive my 450's clutch actuator from the dead. Unfortunately, it wasn't successful (potentially indicating that my clutch actuator itself is dead/dying). Honestly I have little idea...
  13. To SAM or not to SAM.

    smart Modifications
    SOS can usually do the computer-y things the dealer says is impossible. ;) Sorta off subject: Also, if you ever run into issues with the front wheel bearings, the dealership will tell you they can't be replaced and that you have to buy the whole spindle/steering knuckle assembly. Not true...
  14. Essential and Special Tools

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Nothing special. It's an ancient ThinkPad with a thing called a multiplexer. I do an offroad navigational rally give or take once every two months. I usually tent camp but lately I've been getting into the idea of sleeping in the car itself.
  15. Smartville Factory, Hambach, France

    smart General Discussion
    Once the factory in China is built and tooled, smartville stops building smarts. It'll then be tooled to build EQ MBs. It's an unfortunate fate, but at least they aren't going to close it.
  16. 2008 ForTwo engine miss but check engine OFF

    smart General Discussion
    Ooooooooh they're not far from me!!! How much you want for it? :)
  17. 2005 fortwo 700cc engine w/85k, complete drivetrain, electronics WA State (450, 2002-2006)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Not without a lot of mods. This engine would be a massive downgrade. These engines put out less power than your 451's engine does. Think my 450s take a leisurely 16 seconds to reach 60. The 451 frame is bigger and heavier than a 450, so a transplanted 450 engine will perform even worse. I doubt...
  18. Essential and Special Tools

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Having your own STAR machine is really fun. :) I got one free with my free 450. <3 I also carry zip ties, a spare tire or fix a flat (depends on the trip), jumper cables, tire plugs, a 12V air pump, and a propane heater. I often drive deep into the wilderness so it's good to be prepared.
  19. Buyer beware - eBay

    smart General Discussion
    The eBay Buyer Protection exists for this exact purpose. If the seller won't play ball, open up a case. You'll definitely get at least some or all money back. :)
  20. About to get rid of my '08 451 Pure

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    The CDI smarts are common rail diesels. My response was to the question "is it even possible to find one of these diesels?" which itself appeared to be a response to "i really wana get the old diesel they sold in eu and canada." šŸ¤·
1-20 of 169 Results