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  1. Madness Autoflash

    smart Modifications
    The tune 'marries' to a single vin. The flash unit is useful for instance where you don't have to remove or send out an ecu, downing the car until the ecu comes back. Also, you can reflash the same vin should you bring in a car for a dealer service and they wipe the tune...
  2. Not another tire question!

    smart General Discussion
    Here is a place for stock rims: A question for Bean is what brand and what size run flat did you run on your Mini? I looked at Pirelli, and Goodyear and their run flats start at 24.5" tires are around 23.0" diameter...
  3. Not another tire question!

    smart General Discussion
  4. Not another tire question!

    smart General Discussion
    Yes, my summer wheel setups would fail the Elk test because I Rolled Into the Elk :ROFLMAO:
  5. Not another tire question!

    smart General Discussion
    Sounds like you are asking for too much out of a tire. Run Flats are usually 'summer' tires for sports cars that shed weight wherever they can so no spare, no jack. Smart did the no spare to salvage whatever space they could. All Seasons are really 'Three Seasons' :) If they are not M&S rated...
  6. 2018 Smart fortwo Electric Service question

    smart General Discussion
    (soon to be) chinese secret :) With the ignition turned to the first position, hold the OK button on the steering wheel for 30 seconds.
  7. 453 Carbon Shift Knob Cover $50 shipped continental USA

    smart Parts Marketplace
    I found I like to shift not with the paddles, but rather with the shifter in the D position, over to the left, much like the 450 shifting with automatic mode off. But the 453 has this 'baseball stitching' molded into the handle, supposedly to mimic a leather cover?... It felt wrong, and left a...
  8. New Owner, Maybe

    New Members Area
    The non-cabrio (panoramic) Smart roofs all have had issues. The 450 (1998-2007) had a glass roof, not layered like a windshield. Debris would hit the front curvature at highway speed and the roof would explode... The 2006 G&K 450 I have has a plastic? covering on the front curvature, probably...
  9. Car inspection before smart warranty expires?

    smart General Discussion
    Call the MB dealer with your VIN and ask for the 'in service date'. Chances are it's month's after the build date and you can still sneak a service in.
  10. Wheels / tire replace ?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The four 195/45/16 tires would be for the 16" rims you have on now. The rough ride you have now can be a lot of things, and may not be entirely blamed on the fact that the OEM setup is 'low profile'. I certainly had a rough ride with the contis that come with the car. They are a 'hard' rubber...
  11. Wheels / tire replace ?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Looking at your profile Ray, it appears your car is a 453 as lava orange is a 453 color and Big is posting 451 '3 lug' sizes... *I have a 2016 453, Lava Orange and Crystal White, Edition #1, which came with the 10mm lowered 'urban' springs and the 'Sport 8Y' 16" rims. If it is the same car as...
  12. Winter Tire Recommendations for 453 in NYC

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Winter Tires; Staggered Sizes; Ugh. The tire stores all recommend getting all four the same size for a good reason-Winter Traction. You don't want different rolling diameters that are unavoidable with staggered sizes. My 2016 Edition #1 came with the 'Sport 8Y' 16" rims. Stock Conti's were...
  13. Tire pressure light is coming on

    smart General Discussion
    453 is EASY. First, get your tire pressures right at where you want them. (the 453 TPMS goes off with just 2 psi off the reset reference) Then on the steering wheel, hit the ^ (above the OK). On the instrument cluster, the top bar to the right is the default; scrolling up gets you to the bottom...
  14. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Got it. <<< About half a smart looks good at 400x400
  15. What size tires for best ride and stability

    smart Wheels & Tires
    A 25.4" diameter tire won't fit on any smart :rolleyes:
  16. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Miss M says it's a higher resolution, but it's just 'cropped' as a circle. The question I have is what pixel 'square' is the new avatar size (before cropping)? Used to be 80x80 pixels, now ???x??? cropped to a circle?
  17. Price for used wheels with tires

    smart General Discussion
    Maybe you can identify them using these pics: The 'B' could just be the centercap... The other 3 bolt wheels which only the fronts will fit on a 451 are from the 450, not released in the USA...
  18. any smart dealers in USA anymore or all dropped line?

    October 2019 It's been about 18 months now of trouble free 453 ownership (outside of a hailstorm...) of a 2016 Edition #1 . I'll advise 453 owners to call their 'local' Smart Center with their VIN to find out their 'In Service Date' and to find out if there will be service in 2020 and beyond...
  19. Gasoline

    smart General Discussion
    My three little Smarts only get E0 91 (ethanol free). I travel 15 miles to a station that has it with 1.0 gallons remaining, fill 10 gallons in the 453 and 10 gallons in the two 5gal cans in the back. Click on your state to find an E0 station...
  20. tire options for 2016 prime

    smart Wheels & Tires
    If you are keeping those rims, 165/60/15 Front (22.8" Diameter, for 4-6" wide rims) -- 185/55/15 Rear (23.0" Diameter, for 5-7" wide rims is what I would suggest. My 450s run those sizes in the winter (3PMSF rated tires) and they come stock with 15x4 Front, 15x5.5 Rear. My 2016 Edition #1...
1-20 of 98 Results