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  1. Did you ever used Bar's permanent head gasket fix?

    smart General Discussion
    Tracker= Dee Dee Dee :cussing:
  2. What can we change to make the smart drive better on highway?

    smart General Discussion
    Jack up the radiator cap and slide a f150 under it and let it down and go....
  3. Smart vs. Scion iQ as First Car!?!

    smart General Discussion
    I would buy neither as a first car. Something bigger and heavier while during the learning curve of driving.
  4. FYI...I just ordered this yesterday.

    The Car Lounge
    :busted:Built in Germany by Budapest refugees
  5. Our new MADNESS Edition

    Vendor Announcements
    Congrats, before you know it there in junior high, ugh
  6. For Sale: SOLD — 2008 Passion Cabriolet, Pacific NW

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
  7. Now I've seen it all!

    smart Modifications
    Now that's a cow catcher !
  8. Loud knock from engine when shifting.

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    That is 100% a rod knock. Do not run it any more if possible. You definetly have major engine bottom end knock. I managed a engine rebuilders shop for 20+ yrs. Bad news.. If it will stay running pull the plug wires one at a time. The bad rod will quiet down when you pull that plug wire. fyi
  9. 2008+ Fortwo Cargo Cover

    smart Parts Marketplace
    If you sell something Karl, I hope someone hijacks your thread like you did here...not appropriate:confused: BTW, the aftermarket one fits poorly and rattles, you dont need junk
  10. Valet keys?

    New Members Area
    buy a different car..
  11. What did you do with your smart today?

    smart General Discussion
    The worthless tech that worked on it should have caught that while it was out and fixed it. What a Di__head.
  12. Genius Darwin 15x6.5 pic request

    smart Wheels & Tires
  13. Automatic wants to make you a smarter driver

    Tech & Gadgets
    Garmin has a plug in to use with their Nuvi gps and it does quite a bit of things. It has a full set of guages that monitor a array of functions. Access real-time performance data for your vehicle View live gauges for RPM, speed, intake manifold pressure, coolant temperature, timing advance...
  14. Consumer reports Cars that fail our Tests

    The Car Lounge
    The Smart got bashed again: They actually bashed a lot of popular cars... The disappointing dozen: Cars that fail our tests The Consumer Reports Annual Autos Issue is a great resource for researching...
  15. For Sale: Factory Cover Rollerblind

    smart Parts Marketplace
    SOLD and shipped to SkippyThorson
  16. Full Set Silver Body Panels - for Sale (SOLD)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Silver Panels are SOLD Factory rollerblind cover pull still available $85 plus shipping 2008 RED left rear panel BRAND NEW $90 plus shipping
  17. Picked up my Smart today - HELP! LOL...

    smart General Discussion
    Sounds like a wiring ground problem to me. You will need to take it back and make them take care of it. You should be covered as you just picked it up. I would follow up with them with a phone call.
  18. Tire Size Help Please

    smart Wheels & Tires
    195/50 front 205/50 rear
  19. Body Panels - Sale, Wanted or Swap Thread

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Full set of Silver panels still available in Texas $500 cash. Sorry dont have boxes for shipping pm me or email at [email protected]
  20. My Smart Experience from Houston

    New Members Area
    Buy the longest warranty you can, you will need it.
1-20 of 438 Results