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  1. Quiet down your smart car with this new product (Re: sound attenuation barrier)

    Vendor Deals
    Still one of the best products I've bought for the Smart. Made a big difference with the heat and helps with the interior sound of the Borla Exhaust.
  2. Engine noise?

    smart General Discussion
    Yeah it is loud. I've done some sound proofing so it's not terrible now. No purge valve noise can be heard though. It's funny, my dad just picked up an 09 and I took it for a drive and I'm thinking what is that tapping sound, forgetting about the purge valve noise.
  3. Got my new Carbon Fiber pieces in

    smart Modifications
    Rigger your interior looks great too. I wish I could have gotten the trim ring off. I also had BabyBenz do my speaker grills but had them redone to match the new pattern I used... I haven't seen dealer done CF, that's pretty cool. I had bought some CF stuff from smart madness and it looks great...
  4. Got my new Carbon Fiber pieces in

    smart Modifications
    Thanks, I would like to have done the rest of the silver pieces but couldn't get the glove box latch or the trim around the buttons off. Also wish someone sold new stickers for the heat/air so I could have done the vents. Oh, well this will have to do for now.
  5. Got my new Carbon Fiber pieces in

    smart Modifications
    It cost $450.00 for everything. I had gotten prices from a couple of places and the next closest price was $950.00 so thought it was a really good deal. Also had prices to have a local body shop paint them and that would have cost more also.
  6. Tire wear on my 2008 Smart Car

    smart Wheels & Tires
    My 08 has just over 20,000 miles on it and the tires look great and have never been rotated.
  7. Got my new Carbon Fiber pieces in

    smart Modifications
    These are my latest mods to my car. I wanted to thank Dante at Atlanta Hydro Imaging for the great job on all my interior pieces he dipped for me in a Carbon Fiber pattern. Also added paddle shifters from Genius parts. They came out great looking. Also added sound proofing under carpets to add...
  8. >>>smart USA transitions business to Mercedes-Benz USA

    Transition smartUSA: PAG>DVI USA (M-B)
    Mercedes to take back Smart Just saw this posted on Autoweek. Mercedes-Benz has agreed to take over Smart car distribution in the United States from Penske Automotive Group, the companies said Monday. Penske launched the European microcar brand, which is owned by Mercedes' parent, Daimler...
  9. How much have you fit in your smart?

    smart General Discussion
    I once delivered 4 18" wheels with tires mounted about 3 hours away. No body in my family thought I would get them in but I was determined and made it work quite easily. The guy I was meeting showed up with a full size van and couldn't believe I had them in there. He had so much stuff in his van...
  10. Glove Box handle removal

    smart Modifications
    Thanks everyone. It doesn't sound like something I really want to take apart so I guess it will stay matching the vents.
  11. Glove Box handle removal

    smart Modifications
    Hopefully somebody can let me know how to get the glove box handle off. I took the door off but cannot figure how to get it apart. I didn't want to just start prying on stuff until I check on here. I want to get the handle hydro printed with the rest of the interior pieces.
  12. Smart Center Devon (PA) ???????????

    smart center Dealerships
    Yeah, that's where I normally take it, closer is always nicer though.
  13. Smart Center Devon (PA) ???????????

    smart center Dealerships
    I was hoping we might get a Smart dealer closer to Harrisburg instead of farther away. Oh well, maybe someday.
  14. New Member

    New Members Area
    Welcome Ken, Sorry to hear about your problems. Hopefully the new engine will be trouble free. Glad to hear Smart is taking care of you. I think you will be happy with all the friendly people on this site that are willing to answer any questions you have. Best of Luck. Mike
  15. One of a kind Gear Shift Knob for your smart car

    Vendor Deals
    I'd order one of those carbon fiber look gear knobs like in t2t2t2's post above in a heart beat if it was available for the smart.
  16. Warning: regarding Dynamat installation

    Audio & Video
    I had to run out and take a close look at mine. I didn't notice any deformations on either door panel. I used Fatmat instead of Dynamat not sure if that would make a difference or not.
  17. Brabus ultimate 112 R

    smart General Discussion
    Love that steering wheel. I've always wanted to put Recaro's in my smart but don't want to lose the airbags.
  18. Thanks to Mark at Smart Madness

    smart General Discussion
    I wanted to thank Mark at Smart Madness to take the time to talk and show me around the shop this past Saturday. I was in CA visiting relatives in Simi Valley from PA and while we were there thought it would be a good time to visit Smart Madness. I was very inpressed. Mark took time out of his...
  19. InMotion Tuning

    smart Modifications
    Thanks for the pics on location. I had asked about inMotion Tuning many months ago but never got any responses to my post. I'm glad it appears to have made a difference. I will have to consider using them in the near future. Keep us posted on how it is going.
  20. smart car Performance Exhaust by Borla now available!

    Vendor Deals
    I just put a Borla exhaust on my cabrio. It makes the 3 cylinder sound awesome on both up-shift and down-shift. It does seem to make a pretty good difference in power. It is also a well made looking exhaust. The downside is it is very loud inside. I have put fat mat on the firewall, engine bay...
1-20 of 70 Results