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  1. How to replace brake handle on 453

    I used my dremel and sliced the plastic handle cover and popped it off. Piece of cake.
  2. Accessing the glove compartment fuse box

    If you look at Mr smart la's top picture, you can see the vertical slot on the right side of the fuse panel between the two 15 amp fuses. Jam a flat bladed screwdriver in the slot and pull the fuse block towards you. It will release from the bracket and swing down below the glove box and you can...
  3. 453 - How to open the Fuse Panel in the Glove Box

    Interior & Exterior
    If you jam a flat screwdriver in the vertical slot on the right side of the fuse panel. That releases the catch and you can pull the fuse panel towards you and then down. You can access the whole panel below the glove box.
  4. 453 - Tire Options for 16 inch Sport Rims

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Contis are always noisy. I'll be looking at other brands and juggle the sizes a little.
  5. New Member (Trike-Tec engine)

    New Members Area
    There are no manuals due to Mercedes Benz proprietary information. MB won't publish information on their automobiles or provide manuals in direct conflict with the law. They manage to get away with it. Join Evilution Kane has a wealth of info on these cars.
  6. Mini spare tire/wheel combo

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Kane has a list of cars with save a spare tires that fit the 453. Unfortunately, none of the cars are available in the US.
  7. Mini spare tire/wheel combo

    smart Wheels & Tires
    It's a 100mm diameter bolt circle, with 4 lugs.
  8. Smart 450 600cc turbo

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The BOV is just a plastic piston in an aluminum cylinder. Take it apart, clean it and put it back together. Not hard it do.
  9. Where to buy this rear diffuser?

    No, I found an exhaust for just over $500 from England from smart specialties. I now have my stock exhaust to use for a pattern. I still may make one. I don't like how low the tips are to not have to cut the valance. I'd cut mine in a heartbeat. Incidentally, you can order the scoop that Smart...
  10. New 450 right side headlight assembly.

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Anyone with a 450, I have a brand new European right headlight assembly with wiring harnesses for both sides. This is for left hand drive cars to work in the US. If you find a left headlight, you can convert your 450 to Euro spec with the adjusting motors. Your G&K conversion still has the...
  11. Tires

    Wow, I just looked at my tires at 11,500. They all look great. A little more wear on the rear but still plenty of groove left. I drive 80 all the time. I kinda wish they were worn more because I hate the road noise from the Conti's.
  12. rear speakers

    smart Modifications
    Never cross the speakers for "x" crossover. Vadssom is right, you cannot come off of original speakers. The stock head unit only has something like 12 watts/channel and the impedance will try to draw too much power. You can use an after market stereo with outputs for 4 speakers. Most will have...
  13. 453 cell phone holder $80

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Stock cell phone cell holder for 453, used maybe 10 times. Perfect condition. I'll throw in the stock stereo for another $100.
  14. My new stereo installation

    Audio & Video
    I dowloaded Rocket player and use it to play my music. It has a much better UI and is easier to operate. You can also use Google music. (I don't trust anything Google.)
  15. This is why I shouldn't own a house :D

    Off-Topic Cafe
    Hey Mercedes, look into Sometimes you can get really good rates on someone with a little extra room going your way.
  16. My Smart 451 2007 Limited :)

    smart General Discussion
    Every American car I've ridden/drove for the last 20 years has auto up and down.
  17. smart 453 disassembly

    smart Modifications
    Outer door panels off, center console off. Rear quarter inner panels off.
  18. ac recirc button

    smart Modifications
    Almost, if not every, car made in the last 30 years has a vent built into it to allow air to escape the cabin to prevent overpressure. My wife's JK Jeep's is behind the spare tire carrier. I'll look for the one on my 453 tomorrow.
  19. Door sill scuff guards

    Interior & Exterior
    I don't drink coffee, just water. It's not worth the effort or money. I don't visit this site often enough and when I do I get too frustrated. The guards are nice and fit well. I am surprised at the price.
  20. Door sill scuff guards

    Interior & Exterior
    Photobucket account deleted.
1-20 of 438 Results