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  1. iphone smart drive app and the navigation kit

    smart Modifications
    I have the app, but not the kit (not worth over $300). Now that turn by turn navigation is available, I'm trying to decide whether it's worth the $50 a year to activate it. I already have AT&T navigation, which I pay $10 a month for. My question is, has anyone used the smart navigation yet and...
  2. Big Jump in Gas Mileage at 6000 Miles

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I seem to get worse mileage on tanks when I do almost exclusively highway driving. Not terrible, but one or two miles per gallon less than my usual mixed highway/stop and go driving. I'll be interested to see what happens when I go over 6,000 miles. I'm somewhere over 4,000 now, getting close...
  3. smart Meet - Detroit Grand Prix

    Michigan Region
    I doubt we'll be able to be there. We have a family reunion that weekend. Have fun!
  4. smartusa to bring 'ev's to the US in 2009???

    smart News & Rumors
    Until they can get a much greater range, I really think a back-up gas or diesel engine is still needed. The range sounds good for daily driving, but there are definitely times I might have to travel further in a day.
  5. Got my Smart today!!

    Michigan Region
    Welcome to another Michigan smartie! I got the mats in red, too (I have a red cabrio). I think they were well worth the money and will be great in the winter, too. I also got the tire protection plan and extended my warranty by one year. Where in SE Michigan are you? Have you come to any...
  6. If MPG drops, check PSIs more frequently!

    smart General Discussion
    I know my mileage would be better with the top up, but I've consistently had it down and all of a sudden got the drop in MPG on my third and fourth bars on this tank. My last tank I got 39.7 mpg overall and I've been doing similar driving on this tank under similar circumstances. I'm not...
  7. Don't PAT my roof

    New Members Area
    I hate the touching, too. I get her all cleaned up, and then someone decides to get up close and personal with her. I came out of a meeting one night last week and someone had her face up against the windows trying to get a peek inside to see if her dogs would fit in the back. Even after I hit...
  8. If MPG drops, check PSIs more frequently!

    smart General Discussion
    Thanks! It sounded like a lot to me, too. I think the rears were way down and the fronts were down by a pound or so. I'm leaving town tomorrow for Austin for five days, so I won't really know until next week if it really helps.
  9. If MPG drops, check PSIs more frequently!

    smart General Discussion
    I rarely use my AC -- I have the top down all the time unless it's raining. I did have to use it a little bit this weekend, but not much. Hubby checked the tires for me last night, and I definitely needed some air. He said a couple of the tires were down 5 lbs. Hopefully that will help...
  10. It's here, it's here, it's here!!!

    New Members Area
  11. If MPG drops, check PSIs more frequently!

    smart General Discussion
    Yeah, it's pretty bad this tank. I typically get between 40 and 52 on the first bar, then in the 20s on bars 2 and 3 and then usually around 35-45 on the last five bars. My overall mileage is typically 35-39, although it was only 32 on one tank and 40-42 on a couple of tanks.
  12. Sudden and Unusual increased MPG!

    smart General Discussion
    Unless it's raining, I have my top down all the time. I've been ranging from 35-42, mostly in the 36-38 range. I filled up for the first time in two weeks this morning and got 39.72. These past two weeks have been more like my usual driving pattern than the previous month or so. I think I'd...
  13. Bumper Stickers

    Off-Topic Cafe
    I don't think it is -- just makes it easier for people who don't want to keep them on forever or ruin their cars. Also makes it easier to take it off and put on a new one once he picks a running mate.
  14. Adding storage pocket to the shifter console

    smart Modifications
    That was exactly my thought. I have some at home I bought to use to Velcro my GPS holder to the outside of my glovebox.
  15. Those unreliable gas-tank bars

    smart General Discussion
    The most I've ever gotten from my first bar is 52 miles and that was only once. The second and third bars usually only get me 20-25 miles. After that I usually get something between 30 and 40 or so. What are you guys doing to get so many miles out of a tank? I feel like I'm doing something...
  16. National Smart Rally-Am I crazy?

    smart General Discussion
    Great idea! Of course, that's easy for me to say, since I wouldn't have to drive far. I doubt I'd go if it were to take place more than 100-200 miles away.
  17. If you want the best floor mats made!

    smart General Discussion
    I'm so glad I spent the extra $$ to get the cocoa mats. I really love them. And, yes, as stated upthread, smart Center Bloomfield in Michigan does carry them in stock. I got them the day I picked up my car in April.
  18. Austin summer Ride?

    Texas Chapter
    I'll be in Austin July 16-20 for a conference, but I won't have my smartie with me! :cry: I'll miss her while I'm gone for five days!
  19. Engine service light went on then off

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Only took me about a half hour to get mine done when it happened to me. No problem driving with that light on, though. This has happened to a lot of people.
  20. I love it!!!

    New Members Area
    I'm glad Samantha talked me into them. I think I'll be really happy with them in the winter, too.
1-20 of 175 Results