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  1. Who will program key FOB? near Toronto.

    smart General Discussion
    For future potential needs, I can be found over at
  2. cornering

    smart General Discussion
    It is very obvious the OP does not understand the meaning of staggered.
  3. engine question

    smart General Discussion
  4. cornering

    smart General Discussion
    Go drive a 453 and find out for yourself.
  5. would like two favors

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Too lazy to use the website search feature here you go. Smart Car Forums - Search Results for: 195/55
  6. Extended warranty

    smart General Discussion
    Waste of money. You are driving 6k miles a year. From the experiences of the posters on this site and CsC, it will be 4 - 6 years before parts may potentially fail on your smart.
  7. Cylinder misfire - Spark Plug replacement solve the issue

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The OP has a 451, 3 spark plugs. The roadster owner should stop replying to 451 threads with respect to their 452. Different cars, different engines.
  8. Overheating issue

    smart Operation and Maintenance
  9. Can't reset service indicator ......AGAIN!!!!

    smart General Discussion
    Oil change at 112k miles. Reset service indicator on first attempt as per usual.
  10. Wanted: looking for a double din faceplate

    smart Parts Marketplace smart-Forum
  11. Can I still post questions?

    smart General Discussion
    The OP is not a newbie, Feb 2010, is not new. 7 years is more than should be needed to figure out how to use the site. The internet is not a place to coddle people, leave that up to the OP's parents.
  12. After service, engine light is on , need help!?

    smart Roadster (452)
    If there were no issues prior to your work, it is quite logical some of your work has been performed incorrectly. Confirm fuel filter is installed correctly and spark plugs are correct type and have correct gap. Did you fail to reconnect some wiring.
  13. OEM Brabus Sport Package Spec

  14. WOW what a ride

    New Members Area
    102 mph in the 451 as per GPS. 90 mph in the 450 as per GPS.
  15. Clutch adjustment questions

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The electronic adjustment should set engagement and release points for the clutch. I do not know if the 451 actuator mechanically adjusts for wear. I think that the 450 did.
  16. Clutch adjustment questions

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Manual and electronic adjustment is not the same. 112k miles, I have only electronically adjusted.
  17. New member from Nyc

    New Members Area
    Welcome to sCOA.
  18. DIY Stereo Installation Insights

    Audio & Video
    :nuts: An antenna hidden under the factory dash will always be a neater job than gluing bits to the outside of the car. As for performance, "the juice is not worth the squeeze", to run to the outside of the car.
  19. DIY Stereo Installation Insights

    Audio & Video
    Thank you for confirming it does not matter in the case of the smart. Go with the easy, cleaner install inside the dash.
  20. DIY Stereo Installation Insights

    Audio & Video
    smart's plastic or material roof, antenna placement doesn't really matter.
1-20 of 462 Results