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  1. Hello from South Texas!

    New Members Area
    Welcome to SCOA.
  2. Happy New Year for 2019

    Off-Topic Cafe
    I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2019.
  3. rebuild in progress

    Interior & Exterior
    Good luck. Hopefully the temp Saturday will be warm enough for you to work on the car.
  4. 2017 Cabrio overheating

    smart General Discussion
    The dealer service center burped and filled the radiator and tested it. They have driven it today as well and still no leak. They will continue to drive my smart the next couple of days in the hopes that whatever caused it to lose fluid will do it again. We will plan to pick it up Saturday...
  5. Is it just me... that thinks the US should have gas Smarts!

    smart General Discussion
    For my hubby who puts in 500 miles a week of driving to reach all the transmitter sites and multiple radio stations for his job an electric vehicle won’t work, plus it would need to be 4 wheel drive.
  6. 2017 Cabrio overheating

    smart General Discussion
    I’m planning on it.
  7. 2017 Cabrio overheating

    smart General Discussion
    Ended up having AAA tow/haul my car. Two hours after calling Mercedes Benz roadside serviceI still hadn’t heard from a tow company or anyone. AAA was here in less than 15 minutes.
  8. 2017 Cabrio overheating

    smart General Discussion
    It’s more like a gallon of coolant He’s managed to add so far. It is going to the dealer this morning and they will give us a loaner car. Jimvw57: John, service manager, has been great so far.
  9. 2017 Cabrio overheating

    smart General Discussion
    I got a Stop Now and Turn Engine Off message this afternoon with the thermometer for coolant showing red. The engine is overheating but coolant was only down maybe a quart. Jim checked the coolant an hour + later, topped it off, let the car sit and run then went for a short drive and it...
  10. Smarties in the Smokies!

    Smarties in the Smokies 2018, Townsend, TN
    Don't miss out on Smarties in the Smokey's. Joe has planned a great event and the Smokies are the perfect place for a smart rally. Scenery, shopping, plenty of fun curving roads, Tail of the Dragon is not that far away, food and entertainment. Plus a group of fun smart owners. Of course any...
  11. Nice to have a go-to place for info

    New Members Area
    Welcome to SCOA where we are all crazy about out cars and some of us are just crazy.
  12. Road Trip

    smart General Discussion
    We just bought our third smart, a 2017 Prime Cabrio. Picked it up in Knoxville, TN and drove it home to Lincoln, NE. Put just over 1000 miles on it by the time we got home. I had a blast driving it home. P.S. I highly recommend Terri Watson at Smart Center Knoxville/Mercedes Benz Knoxville...
  13. Smart car trailer

    New Members Area
  14. Questions! Please be honest! (Should I buy a smart?)

    New Members Area
    We just purchased our third smart. A 2017 Prime Cabrio. Yes we still have the first two. I'm thinking I can alternate days on which one I drive to work. LOL Go ahead and buy one, you will love it.
  15. What did you do with your smart today?

    smart General Discussion
    Yes you do know Sunshine. She now has over 76,000 miles on her after 4yrs and 4 months. Loves roadtrips and now lives in Lincoln, NE. Good to see you have another smart.
  16. Engine rebuild?

    New Members Area
    I don't believe that is common. Our 2009 has 92000 miles and the 2008 has 76000 miles on it. They have needed very little work done on them other than the yearly maintenance.
  17. 2018 - 10 years of smart in the USA

    smart General Discussion
    As much as I'd love going to the Dells again I'd hate to see an event planned that might be in competition to Alabama after they have put time and effort into planning the event. Have smart....will travel......
  18. What did you do with your smart today?

    smart General Discussion
    This last weekend we took a 5 day trip in my 2008 Bumble Bee, Sunshine. We drove to Frankenmuth, Michigan for the Michigan Fall Smart Rally. 1730 miles total for the trip start to finish. Had a fantastic time, Dean puts on a great Rally.
  19. 2018 All American Smart Car Rally, June 11-15, 2018

    2018 All American Smart Car Rally
    I found our card for this event yesterday. It is now on my calendar so we can make it next summer.
  20. Tulsa/Northeast Oklahoma Smart Group?

    Oklahoma Chapter
    I moved from Tulsa area 5 years ago. Check with the Mercedes Dealer on Memorial and 169/turnpike. I don't know if they are still a smart dealer but they organized several gatherings in the early years of smart in the Tulsa. Smart owners are a unique breed. Good Luck!
1-20 of 475 Results