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  1. Lower body panels

    smart General Discussion
  2. Lower body panels

    smart General Discussion
    I'll have to say, that was the best money I have spent on my smart car....looks like a completely different car.....WOW. When I am able to take some pics, I will.
  3. Lower body panels

    smart General Discussion
    Parts are in......being installed tomorrow
  4. Lower body panels

    smart General Discussion
    I didn't ask for details....they said around $ 500
  5. Lower body panels

    smart General Discussion
    The dealer called and said I could order the 4 panels in Met Silver and the gas door for a reasonable price. I asked to include the extra mounting piece for the side panels. Some parts are in the USA and some are not. I'm in no hurry, so we shall see when they all arrive. I do think it will...
  6. Lower body panels

    smart General Discussion
    Has anyone explored purchasing lower body panels and have them painted to match so you car looks updated?
  7. My smarts 3rd Birthday

    smart General Discussion
    Hi Ken, been awhile... mine was 3 years old 1-31, has 9500 miles on it and I still love it. Sad part is that sales dropped, dealer is more into used cars for income, service department is a repair center for all brands and no more a hang out for smart owners. Local club members won't even...
  8. 09 BRABUS dual center exhaust NO Hp GAINS

    smart General Discussion
    I have driven the Brabus at my dealer. First the exhaust is no different than stock, the tail pipe has been relocated to a twin center outlet. No difference in sound. The only difference in body panels is an added trim strip around the rear wheel opening. The wheels look great but didn't...
  9. Sam Swope Louisville

    Mid-West Region
    smart center Louisville has been spectacular. They sponsor events like a cookout and local park drive with a large turn out of very satisfied customers. More importantly, Shawn, the parts and service manager is excellent. They go way beyond their responsibility if someone has any smart...
  10. Driver mirror shakes

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    The replacement one shakes too.
  11. 2009 BRABUS announcement

    smart News & Rumors
    They will have Brabus sport supension and 15 inch on front and 17 on rear.
  12. Brabus is coming to smartcentersmithtown

    smart center Dealerships
    Less than 1500 Brabus units. Black/Black or Silver/Silver. Only offered to current reservation holders, in order, who have NOT configured. The Brabus configuration widow will only be open for a short time to that reservation holder. A full line of Brabus accessories will be offered. NO TURBO
  13. not getting emails

    Community Help
    I never get email notifications. I believe my user cp is set up correctly.
  14. Kentucky smart club

    Mid-West Region
    Cookout at smart center Louisville,then an all smart drive to Cherokee Park, then back to smart center Louisville for dessert.
  15. Kentucky smart club

    Mid-West Region
    smart center Louisville is hosting a cookout and Park Drive, returning to smart center Louisville for dessert. The date is November 1st, Saturday, 12:00 pm. 502 499-4530. Plantside Drive at Blakenbaker Pkwy.
  16. Tat,Tat,Tat...Revisited.

    smart General Discussion
    It's the fuel purge valve...and it is not broken.
  17. Brabus Smart Car (451) Monoblock Wheels

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Recently, the smart service manager went to school in Bloomfield. I had him ask about Brabus coming to USA. His information was that due to the US reguirements for crash, with reguard to wheel assemblies, that Brabus does not meet those standards and therefore we would not have that model option.
  18. First 2009 Configuration?

    smart General Discussion
    I configured my 09 at 7:30 AM EST
  19. When will 09's go into production; configured 08 today

    smart News & Rumors
    I configured my 09 today. Production starts October 1st with 09's appearing mid November.
  20. Doug Thorley post-cat exhaust installed

    smart Modifications
    I have had my DTH pipes for 2 weeks and I love them. I am a very symmetrical kind of guy and my pipes are a half an inch off center to the left. Which means I had to cut off a little more lower bumper on the left to make everything look better. I know, it's being pickey, but just wondered if...
1-20 of 141 Results