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  1. Button bank mod DIY (garage opener/boot release)

    smart Modifications
    I'm very interested!
  2. Who else is on fuelly ( Let's be friends!

    smart General Discussion
    I'm on Fuelly with the same name.
  3. Houston area Smart meet?

    Texas Chapter
    You didn't miss much. The weather made it kind of a bust.
  4. Passenger grab handle installation

    Interior & Exterior
    Depends on the wheelchair. My wife uses a wheelchair and I can get hers in. I also can attach it to the rear of the car with my customized bike rack, for those longer trips when I need more room inside.
  5. Houston, TX Smart meet, Roll call sign up here please....

    Texas Chapter
    It was a great time! I'm looking forward to the next get together. :)
  6. Another Radio 9 for Sale!

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    That's quite alright. I am using the bluetooth. I have an Instinct from Sprint. It seems to work well.
  7. Another Radio 9 for Sale!

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    I Love It! I got the HD Radio add-on and the XM add-on. It has a steep learning curve because there are only a few buttons with alot of functions. Once you figure it out though it is great. The only complaint I have is that the AM reception doesn't seem to be very good, but made the antenna...
  8. Another Radio 9 for Sale!

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Radio 9 for sale I have a Radio 9 in perfect condition. Was only in the car for a few weeks. $40 plus shipping method of your choice. I know, this is getting old. PM me if anyone is interested. I replaced mine with a Pioneer 7000BT.
  9. Check Engine Light

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    "Check Engine" light came on the first day. Had less then 100 miles. I've taken the car back twice and the light keeps coming back every time. I have a 2009 model. Each time it is the same error code. It is a communications error. It is back on again. The dealer upgraded my software...
  10. I made it!

    smart Delivery
    The latest on my car is: My "check engine" light came back on, on Friday. The dealer said bring back it in on Monday. That was today. I took it in and they flashed the ECU with the latest update. The dealer said that the "check engine" light may come back on. He said that he talked to...
  11. Houston, TX Smart meet, Roll call sign up here please....

    Texas Chapter
    You can sign me up. I'm interested. I live in Spring Branch. I've been searching the smartcar Insider forum and I can't find anything about this event. Can you tell me where to find more info. about this. How many people have signed up so far?
  12. Rally Red 2009

    smart Delivery
    The day will appear in your DDE latter when you get closer to the delivery date. Patients is what it will take (and a lot of it).
  13. I made it!

    smart Delivery
    I got it from the door post on my brand new 2009 model smartcar. I haven't checked the manual. I've always been told that the door post is where to look.
  14. Snowing

    smart General Discussion
    No accumulation really to speak of yet. If we get any ice at all I'm not driving and my smart car is staying in the garage. This place gets really crazy with any ice at all! :eek: People from northern states laugh at us. Don't laugh until till you drive surrounded by a million first time ice...
  15. Snowing

    smart General Discussion
    It is snowing in Houston TX tonight. It's about the 5th. or 6th. time I've seen it here in the last 39 years.
  16. I made it!

    smart Delivery
    I did fill-up my car today and I did entry the information on "" and I was the first (2009) to do so. So you ended up being correct after all. :D
  17. Rally Red 2009

    smart Delivery
    I saw one this weekend at the dealer. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures. To me it looked alot better than the 2008 red. It was less tomato-y, more red.
  18. Production photo - Honda Insight

    The Car Lounge
    Can you say "Prius"? :eek: Where's the Honda's originality?
  19. New 09 smart in shop

    smart General Discussion
    If you need to look up an error code here is the place: Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia
  20. I made it!

    smart Delivery
    I defintly was not the first to get a 2009. Kwagar, thank you for your kind word. I have tried very hard to remain calm and patient through this whole process. About my car. I took it back to the dealer this morning because of the "check engine" light. I was back on the road in 45 minutes...
1-20 of 348 Results