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  1. If I replace the front tires with...

    smart General Discussion
    Okay, I give up. The internet is always right. There is a reason you reset your toe-in to 1/32 in. per side. It's not because the factory does not know how to measure toe-in on their own cars.
  2. If I replace the front tires with...

    smart General Discussion
    I think you need to revisit your calculations. Maybe the battery in your abacus is dead, I don't know. Saying the factory setting for toe-in is approximately 1/2 inch is just not plausible. If it were a half inch the front tires would be making skid marks driving straight down the road. Toe-in...
  3. Autel MD808Pro

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have no idea what you are looking at since you did not provide a photo but it may be showing freeze frame mileage when the code set and probably in kilometers.
  4. air conditioner issue

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Sometimes the early cars lost the desired temperature setting. Work the temperature lever up and down a few times and see if it starts cooling. You are correct that if the suction line is cold the system is full of refrigerant. That means the hvac control unit either thinks you want a warmer...
  5. Noise in Transmission??

    smart General Discussion
  6. ac recirc button

    smart Modifications
    Did you bump your head or something? You sound delirious. I am not picking on you or anybody else, only offering info on the performance aspects of the a/c system. While I am not, in fact, a smart dealer mechanic I do actually know everything. I just can not remember most of it at any given...
  7. tire sizing

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Yes. Absolutely. (Too easy.)
  8. ac recirc button

    smart Modifications
    It has been a while since I saw so much nonsense packed into a single thread. I will just say two things. One, the a/c evaporator will not freeze up unless there is something wrong with the system. Not in recirculate, not in rain or whatever. Two, putting insulation over the a/c lines under...
  9. Loud clicking noise after turning AC on.

    smart General Discussion
    Air door actuator on the hvac case. Either the actuator's internal gears are stripped or something in the case is blocking the door and damaged the actuator.
  10. heater valve

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    If you did a search you would find a cooling system flow diagram that chiefmc posted. :D
  11. smart 451 parts

    smart Parts Marketplace
    BUMP. Sila side exit exhaust is still available. Includes new gasket and hangers. smart fortwo 451 Performance Exhaust by SILA Concepts - Side Exit Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories
  12. Coolant Change on '09-451

    smart General Discussion
    Your method will leave a lot of air in the engine cooling jackets. The proper method to bleed and fill the system has been posted here numerous times. I don't know why you seem incapable of or unwilling to do a search but that is what you need to do. I, for one, am not going to post the...
  13. My A/C is Dead! :( (evaporator sensor)

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    You need to have a shop with a European-capable scan tool scan the Climate Control system for fault codes and data for a start. Looking at live data on a scan tool will often enable one to diagnose a fault from the driver's seat, assuming the person in the seat understands how the system...
  14. rear hatch leak

    Interior & Exterior
    It is probably leaking around the rear wiper motor shaft. There is a gasket on the inside where the motor is mounted.
  15. 2013 Smart Pure leaking driveshaft seal

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Not an uncommon problem. Not a hard repair to replace the seal, just tedious. You must remove the X-brace from the chassis and the axle beam then disconnect the rear shocks so the axle beam will drop far enough for the axle to come out. After the axle is out, pop the old seal out and the new one...
  16. Strange 1st to 2nd gear transmission issue

    smart General Discussion
    I would say there is nothing wrong with it. If you try to shift up too early such that the engine will drop too many rpm after the shift the trans control module will not allow the shift to occur. The rpm at which the shift is allowed will be lower on a warm engine than it would be on a cold engine.
  17. lost crank shaft position sensor

    smart General Discussion
    Three wires; 5 volt reference, reference ground and signal wire.
  18. Replace Battery

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Or you could take it out of the back before you disconnect. Or you could just put it on the passenger floor for the ride home. Or you could have the store install it then laugh and point at them when they can not figure out where it goes.
  19. lost crank shaft position sensor

    smart General Discussion
    Most crank sensors have a tab for a mounting bolt and can only be installed in one orientation, including the smart. The crank sensors are either a variable reluctance pulse generator or a hall-effect sensor, most newer engine being the latter. The only ones I recall that were adjustable for air...
  20. Error Code P0071

    smart Operation and Maintenance
1-20 of 470 Results