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  1. Batteries

    Off-Topic Cafe
  2. Top 20 Highest Quality Cars by Segment: 2019

    The Car Lounge
    Nice, the SOUL came in number two again this year...<:-)) Top 10 Most Dependable Automakers: J.D. Power 2019
  3. smart ForTwo 451 Recall

    He ripped the Top piece right off breaking the Bottom piece all to hell (top piece is Good)... He said he tipped it up but then slipped and levered it right back until he ripped the top out of the bottom piece...!!!...??? The FIX is the dealer is going to replace it with a "Smart Car OEM...
  4. smart ForTwo 451 Recall

    ~ H E L P ~ Took the Smart in for the Recall today They did the required work... B U T ... the mechanic some how BROKE MY ARM REST...!!!...??? Does "ANYBODY" out there have the Style pictured "FOR'SALE"...???
  5. fuel tank issue (bulletin info)

    Gas Tank Fueling Problem on new 2016 smart
  6. Is my engine shot?

    smart General Discussion
    ~ NO ~
  7. Is my engine shot?

    smart General Discussion
    You drive it till it will no longer move down the road...!!! Get every "CENT-Out-Of-It"...YUP... MB would put a NEW HEAD on it, So-Use-That-One-UP... NOTE: You can Buy a Whole new-to-you USED Smart for what MB would Charge you with out all the BS... Smart's Have-No-Resale-Value...<:-(( BUT...
  8. 15x8 on 451 Fortwo

    smart General Discussion
    I have 15x195/50's on all four corners with "NO" rubbing... ( 7 inchs Wide )
  9. Wierd overheating

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    There is just a Bunch of useless Info on the Left... I want to know Location, and the Cars Info listed there. We can surmise alot about what could be going on about members & cars with a Little Info on the left... Note: Was the old OEM Fan Totally Removed.? ~ "It Will Make You Happy" ~ 1) How...
  10. Gasoline leak

    smart General Discussion
    Hire the neighbor Kid for $10.00 per hour... 2 Hour JOB to pull the Tank... $20.00 Your estimate is over $300.00 per hour... That's NUTS Drive your car with only 1/2 tank from now on is a option, and drive it for another 8 years.
  11. Mercedes-Benz invests ~$600 million to produce new ‘compact electric car’

    The Car Lounge
    Just another... "CAR"... Another Over-Priced MB... ho-hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...<:-((
  12. What did you do with your smart today?

    smart General Discussion
    GENERAL's How many General Wee's are there...!!!...???
  13. Question about Panoramic Sunroof (2016-)

    smart Modifications
    In the retail Box... YouTube shows how to do on many cars...<:-))
  14. Question about Panoramic Sunroof (2016-)

    smart Modifications
    This is "THE-BEST-MOD-FOR-YOU-TO-DO"... You can do it, or "ANY" shop can do it...<:-))
  15. engine crankcase, rings and seal cleaning?

    smart General Discussion
    You can Lead a Horse To Drink... BUT... You can't make Him Drink...YUP 1) No other motor oil beats Pennzoil® motor oils in engine sludge and wear protection. 5W30 ~ Frees Up Them RINGS... Pennzoil - Top Rated Motor Oil - The Technology of Clean | United States 2) Precision Clean™ technology...
  16. Cylinder misfire

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    You need to get a Compression test... Better yet a Leak down test... ~ It will show burned valve ~ Cost more than the car is worth to fix ~ Your Screwed. ~ Trade it "NOW" for a different car ~ Buy a NEW car with a 10 Year Warranty, and "Be Happy All Day Long" ~ You know what two brands I'm...
  17. Isn't it sad?

    smart General Discussion
    Let me Help this SAD Thread out a little bit... Had my Smart 8 years "Never Back To A Dealer For Any Fixes" (one computer update) and I still Love The Smart with 70,000 on it now... It still goes down I-75 like a Bullet at 80MPH easy... People think its some kind of NEW CAR...!!!!??? It still...
  18. Buying a smart car the second time

    New Members Area
    Welcome To The Family...<:-))
  19. WTB: '09 HVAC blower motor

    smart Parts Marketplace
    You want NEW...
  20. Coolant

    smart General Discussion
1-20 of 496 Results