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  1. Miles of Smiles

    smart General Discussion
    Thank you Jeff for all the Midwest and Iowa smart Rallys you organized. The first one we attended was 9/28/08 a week after we got our car.
  2. Registration Numbers

    2016 Smart Car Nationals
    Is there a current list of attendees somewhere?
  3. Rally List

    2016 Smart Car Nationals
    Reservations made at First Gold. Check will be in the mail soon. Mike and Cyndy Wright
  4. New smart car center in Des Moines, Iowa!

    Iowa Chapter
    Did stop to check it out last week. The way I understand it Des Moines bought the franchise from Omaha, so no more Omaha.
  5. "Meet Me in St. Louie" 2015 Midwest smart Rallye

    "Meet Me in St. Louie" 2015 Midwest smart Rallye
    Reservation made for Cyndy and Mike.
  6. Registration Information

    2014 Midwest smart Rally
    Cyndy and Mike Wright will be attending the follow events. 1. Which days are you attending? __yes_ Friday, _yes__ Saturday, __yes_ Sunday 2. Number of persons attending the Friday evening dinner. _2____ 3. Number of persons taking a tour of the Millstream Brewery. This is limited to the first...
  7. 2012 Midwest smart Rally..

    2012 Midwest Rally
    Cyndy and I will be there.
  8. Dells

    Iowa Chapter
    Cyndy and I are going on the 8th.
  9. Dells Rally 2011 Group Discount SmartieParts Cruise Control (post#1)

    Dells 06/11
    Steven, Put me on the list for a jumper plug and a programer. See you at the Dells!
  10. Coming back to Iowa!

    Iowa Chapter
    Cyndy and I will be there. Mike
  11. Midwest Autumn Smart Rally (Official Plan)

    Mid-West Clubs
  12. Need help with found item (found under car)

    smart General Discussion
    Sounds to me like the clips that hold the plastic heat shield to the inside of the rear panel (bumper cover).
  13. Chinese Noble G4 on sale in Iowa

    Iowa Chapter
    A sister dealership sold Yugo. :eek:
  14. Daimler loses court battle over shuanghuany thingey...

    smart News & Rumors
    13-14K for this thing. Former Chrysler dealer touts teeny Chinese-made car at fair | | The Des Moines Register Same dealer sold Yugo.
  15. Iowa Spring '09 Meet & Greet

    Iowa Chapter
    Cyndy and I should be there. Mike
  16. How many of the 1500 Brabus Smarts are on SCOA?

    smart Reservations
    Confirmation yesterday, #1411
  17. Body Panel Box

    smart General Discussion
    I didn't think the boxs would fit but will the panels fit in a Prius?
  18. Body Panel Box

    smart General Discussion
    Anyone know the size of the box a set of panels come in. Are the panels wraped in foam and plastic or what? Trying to figure out if I can get a set in a Prius.
  19. Iowa's First Rally "A Tour of Central Iowa"

    Iowa Chapter
    Jeff, Great event. Thank you everyone. Mike
  20. Iowa's First Rally "A Tour of Central Iowa"

    Iowa Chapter
    Cyndy, Mike and Suzy (silver/black cab) should be there.
1-20 of 21 Results