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Captured on drive of Tail of the Dragon Tennessee
Current progress on the Pibbster! Wheels, paint and an intake makes a pretty big difference.
Driving around town found this smart at a dentist office. Pulled over to take a quick pic.
Went out during lunch and took some good pics of The Mouse.
Today I took some pics of G-Mouse before putting a new decal i bought for him. I'm gonna miss his white face.
The little guy waiting for me after work patiently
Grasshopper Mouse between two cars looks so tiny. Hence his name.
The evolution of The Mouse
I purchased my Smart to pull behind our motorhome, but I like it so much I find myself driving it daily!
Smart 451 black Harlem Edition
My can not starting. Whats wrong plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Naahhhhhh........ Leave that to the Bears. Sweet as Honey.
Harlem Edition in the woods.
2019 Skyline Drive Shenandoah Va,