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2008 Smart Passion (Yellow with Black tridion)
2008 Smart passion (black)
2009 smart Cabrio
2010 Smart Pure Coupe (White)
2009 Smart 451 (silver/silver)
1986 VW Jetta (Metallic Brown)
2008 Smart Passion (red/black)
2008 smart Passion Coupe' (LimeMetallic Green)
1997 Ford F150 (Red)
2008 Smart Fortwo Cabriolet (Metallic Red)
2008 smart Passion (White)
2008 smart passion coupe (w/s/r)
2008 smart fortwo passion (Yellow and Black)
1963 Chevrolet Corvette (Riverside Red)
1930 Chevrolet Sedan (Pewter)
2007 Nissan Versa (Blue)
2009 smart Passion (Gone) (Rally Red)
2010 Smart Cabriolet (Red exterior, black tridion, red interior)
2010 rite aid RC Smart (Yellow)
2007 Smart Fortwo (Camo)
2008 smart fourtwo (Yellow/Black)