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I wrecked my one owner pristine '86 Mustang GT (my high school car) on my birthday almost two years ago. My wife had been on me about having a powerful car with horrible brakes and she wanted me to get a more modern car. For some reason I find myself acquiring cars built in the 80’s and 90’s (Corvette, MR2s Mk1 and Mk2, Z-Cars, etc…). As we all know, happy wife happy life. So I set my sights on a fun car that was unusual and would allow for cool modifications.

I remembered back in 2009 seeing a really tricked out SMART at the local MB dealership where my parents were get their car serviced at. The SMART was a Cabrio Brabus model in silver and it was priced at $33,000! Way out of my league, but the looks of the car stuck with me for years.
When I got the insurance money for the ‘stang (thank goodness I had collector car coverage), I took a shot at to see if the prices on a good used Brabus were in range of my funds. To my surprise they were. I found my 2009 Brabus Coupe (Einstein) in Tyson’s Corner, VA near Washington, DC for $9500 with 10,000 miles on it!

I sent the dealership a certified check that night and booked my airline ticket from Miami to DC. I picked up Einstein the following weekend and drove him back to Miami (approx. 1,000 miles). It was the most fun I have ever had on a road trip. The looks I got on the road and the tons of questions at rest stops were just great. Einstein was stable at 90 mph and except for the occasional high speed semi-truck he stayed pretty straight.
2014 Smart Brabus (Silver)


Red LED ambient interior lighting, Red Alcantara insert seats with Brabus Logo embroidered headrests.
Rebadge with Brabus logos on the hood and tailgate; Hellaflush sticker bomb; bumper spikes 3M Platinum window tint. LED/HID conversion for exterior lights.
Pioneer AVH-X2600BT Multimedia head unit running through Kicker QSS654 component ¾” dash speakers, 6 ½” door speakers, and Kicker CVX124 12” subwoofer powered by 1200 watt DS18 amp.
H&R Sport Springs; EBC custom drilled GD Series slotted rotors; VHT coated calipers; Energy Suspension Poly Bushings;
Wheel and Tire
Brabus 15"front 17" rear Monoblock VII's



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