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Pure( Almost a passion)
Rallye Red
Converting to a Passion one thing at a time
Bought Max in July 30th, 2015 from McClinton Chevrolet in Parkersburg. His former owner died and the heirs didn't want to adopt him. It's very rare to find a Smart car for sale in Parkersburg. Wife spotted him on the lot as I was bringing her home from work. We test drove him and I fell in love with him. Wife left for work the next day and secretly went and bought him and spent the rest of the day at a friends house so I wouldn't suspect anything. She came home from work that evening, sat for about an hour and said "I'm hungry let's go get something to eat". As we head into town she says "Let's go by McClintons and see of the Smart is still there". We drive by and he's not in his spot on the lot. She said "just pull in and we'll see if they moved him". sure enough he is parked by the office with a sold sign on him. I'm absolutely heart broken. I said "see we waited too long and they've sold him". And she says "yes they have and it's yours" and hands me the keys.
2011 Smart Pure( Almost a passion) (Rallye Red)


Detailed radiator tank and windshield washer fluid resovoir.
Harbor Freight air horns.
HID Xenon 5000K headlights.
LED lights: 4 in cargo area,2 in each footwell,one in each door,one on ignition switch. LED courtesy package: (light up with parking lamps) one over each door pocket, one in each footwell,2 in cargo area, one over rear view mirror, one in glove box. Heated seats. Custom Lights blue LED dice behind rear view mirror. Radar detector.
Painted rear brake drums red. Painted front calipers gold. Made custom axle caps with LEDS in them for park lights,dome lights and turn signals.Led's on mirrors for turn signal and dome lights. Sharkfin antenna on roof. Added a pano roof. Custom lightning bolts on the windows. Outside front and rear dome lights. Custom DRL lights. Custom fog lights. Custom "Hot Wheels" logo over sunshield. Backup radar system. El tape lighted front fender vents. Led's in the rocker panels under the doors. Smart design 5 wheels. Custom mesh vents in both rocker panels and back bumper.
MP5 rear view mirror with back up camera. Altec Lansing sound system with 200 watt inverter,4 satellite speakers and 2 mini sub woofers. USB pen 64 GB pen drive with 21,000 mp3's. 32 GB SD ram card with whole season of "American Hot Rod" by Boyd Coddington on it to watch when I'm not driving the car. XM sattelite radio. Rear window LED music display.
Stock springs and shocks.
Custom LED axle caps with parking lamp, turn signals, and dome light LED's.
Wheel and Tire
Smart optional Design 5 6 spoke chromed alloy wheels.
Rear- 15 x 7. Front 15 x 5.5
Painted front calipers gold acrylic paint and hub painted high temp silver.
Painted rear brake drums red and hub painted high temp silver.



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