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Prime EQ
Moon White (Matte)
Sport Package 16" Black Wheels And Tires
I have only had it three payments at this point... I am sure it will evolve as all all my cars do!

More pictures to come, quite sure we will see more of it in the future.

This will be my 5th leased Smart, 1st 453!
2018 Smart Prime EQ (Moon White (Matte))


I don't know, I have never opened the front service access on any of the five Smarts my family has owned since 2013!

I drive them, my techs in back take care of my Smarts and wash the little things for me...
My car was loaded, had everything but the the JBL stereo option. So, since I work at an MB dealership I got the JBL tweeters (and covers) plugged in plug the existing wires and slid the new speakers on! Fastest mod I have ever had, 3 minutes and two screw total. I get a very generous employee discount and the speakers and enclosure still cost me $150! But, they are OEM and look great.

I have JBL 6.5" dual cones waiting in a box, plus amp. Have another box with a Kenwood underseat 8" self amplified sub-woofer. Since the interior is the size of a breadbox, I am sure it will rock as strong as my similar system (Kenwood) in the 2015 Brabus!

The boxes will have to sit where they are till the Oregon weather warms up. Too damn cold to hang out in the garage!

Have added Dynamat Xtreme to the back cargo area under service access panel. Also, added it to the plastic interior of the storage area on the tailgate. Then pulled the carpet back exposing the wall behind the seats and used it here too! What a world of difference in road noise! Waiting till I have time to install the new door speakers and amp, Then I will use a 2ft by 1ft panel of the same Dynamat inside each door exterior door panel when the door speakers and subwoofer go in.

7/1 The 6.5" JBL ceramic dual cone speakers went in. Yes I had to take the frigin' door panels off to get them in place. With the proper speaker rings and plug in harness (from the UK) it was pretty much 'plug & play. Why the door panels were off, I did the bottom half of the doors with Dynamat 'Extreme'.
The car is probably 70% quieter then when stock. Boy, it really helps the performance of the stereo. Sound great! *Still need to put the Kenwood 8" self-powered subwoofer under the passenger seat!
The extensive list of exterior mods so far, LOL!

License plate frames (just ordered the Smart Madness/MatteBlack). The chrome ones are already off!

Note the Black outline sticker of the 'Nurburgring' racetrack center bumper. It's been a tradition on my cars since my 1973 911S.

Also added a very discrete 'F1' Sticker on the front part of the doors.

I popped the EQ badge off the front...

3/6: Also popped off the EQ Badge on the rear, when it was a sunny warm day it just popped off.

3/25: Installed front and rear mud flaps and shaved the SMART lettering from the rear tail gate.

I have the Smart 'Urban Style' black fender guards, not available in the U.S. Updated pictures. 4 Black Brabus wheel caps are on there way, to get rid of the Silver and Black OEM caps.
Good tunes and Bluetooth is all I need!

8/8: Now I got them. Just stream my music with factory Bluetooth.
Part of the 'Sport' tire and wheel package.
Wheel and Tire
I sprung for the 'Sport Package' with a heavier Smart. It seemed like a good idea, as the skinny 15" tires were overwhelmed by the added weight of the EV battery.

The addition of the 16" wheels and matching tires are the best money I spent. The torque of the electric motor, completely overwhelmed the chassis and tires on my old 451EV.

The 16's handle the torque much, much better and the line around the corners remains very sure and stable. The tires, nor the car, complain about me driving it like I am in a sport coupe!



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