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Nice ! Please send me the details on the wheel / tire set up on the 453 and 451’s .. love the 453 offsets
The blue and silver ones are 450s, with a very different rear offset than 451s.

The 453 has the max fitment as of 2019... I say this because the rear wheels are 8.5" wide and the tire manufacturer(s), Yokohama in this case have discontinued the 225/35/17 size (23.2" diameter - for 6.5-8.5" wide rims).
The rear max fitment will have to change to a 7.5" wide 205/40/17 size (23.5" diameter - for 6-7.5" rims).
Like the Smart brand, the 8.5" wide rim for the rear of the 453 is going away because of tire availability :cry:

So, the 2020 answer to your question about max fitment for the 453:
Front - 16x7j ET30 185/50/16 (23.3" diameter - stock size)
Rear - 17x7.5j ET30 205/40/17 (23.5" diameter)

Rear - 16x6.5j ET44 205/45/16 (23.2" diameter - stock size) - listed for reference
Rear - 17x8.5j ET30 225/35/17 (23.2" diameter) - on the car in the picture

"smoke em if you got them" - regarding 225s on the rear