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  1. Back left side blinker not working

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey guys, very first post. Ive read some other posts about this but cant seem to find a solution for my situation. Here's the issue my blinker went rapid awhile ago and then one day i noticed the bulb finally went out because when I locked my car the light didnt blink anymore. I got a new...
  2. 2008 fortwo Passion Coupe- Passenger foot area

    smart General Discussion
    Hello, I am a new member and will make an official introduction when I am back on my computer (on cell now). I was hoping if someone could post a pic of the passenger foot area to see how the carpet/floor area sits. I ask because I just purchased my smart and I'm doing work on it to get it ready...
  3. Smart 2008 For Sale -- Philadelphia

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I am looking to sell my Metallic Blue 2008 Smart Fortwo Convertible. It has served me well and has 125,000 miles, but recently, has come up with an issue that cannot be resolved by the shops I've taken it to, and honestly, I don't need a car anymore, so I am looking for an enthusiast who may...
  4. I have a question (center button console)

    smart General Discussion
    I might be wrong, but was there a difference between the 2008 and 2009 button console? I am looking at a car locally that looks to be missing the fog lights, but has everthing else you could get stock. Looking at the console button, I see three unused buttons. One would be for the drop top it...
  5. For Sale: Panels Red (Painted-on-Color) 2008

    smart Parts Marketplace
    FOR SALE - Used 2008 smart ForTwo (451) Red (Painted-On-Color) Panels 1 - Rear Quarter Outer Panel LH $200 1 - Rear Quarter Outer Panel RH $200 1 - Door Outer Panel LH $200 1 - Door Outer Panel RH $ 200 1 - Lower Rear Fascia Panel $175 1 - Drop-down Rear Door Panel with "smart" Letter Emblem...
  6. For Sale: 2008 Smart ForTwo Cabrio

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I have for sale a 2008 Smart Passion ForTwo Convertible Cabrio Limited One Edition - 43,336 miles. Yellow. Runs great! Includes A/C, power steering, power door locks, power windows, power convertible top, leather seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter, heated seats, rear window...
  7. HI, Canadian Newbie here

    New Members Area
    About to purchase a 2008 ForTwo with 130,000Km. Nice clean car, anything you members can tell me to look for?
  8. Video of Battery Replacement on 2008 Smart

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I replaced the stock battery on my 2008 Smart 451 with an off the shelf battery from NAPA. Battery details are below and I also made a 10 minute video (Vimeo link below as well) of the project (technical and "Smart" commentary) NAPA LEGEND Premium 84 Part Number: BAT...
  9. Almost a Smart Owner

    New Members Area
    I'm buying a Smart. But, I'm down to two choices. Both are 2008 Passions. One has 9750 miles and is $10,500. The other has 27,000 miles and is $9100. Which one would you buy? Color is not overly important to me but for those that care, the $10.5 is silver and the $9.1 is red. Both have...
  10. 2008 Alternator removal/install

    Technical "stickies"
    Hello, I'm looking for any advice on how to remove/install an Alternator on a 2008 Smart fortwo. All I've seen is how to remove it on older models, but it's not the same on mine. Can you still lower one side of the engine to get to it like the older models? I see the three bolts on top of the...
  11. My 2008 Smart

    My 2008 Smart

    My 2008 Smart cabriolet on the Ford dealers lot the day before I bought her.
  12. My 2008 Smart Car

    My 2008 Smart Car

    I got 41 mpg on the 45 mile trip home. So I got a license plate to tell everyone. It answers a lot of questions for me.
  13. Used 2008 cabriolet with 30,000 miles. Should I buy it?

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone! I have been a fan of the fortwo since I have seen pictures of them from Europe. I wanted to buy one in 2008 but needed a car right away and could not wait on the waiting list. Well anyway, we are ready to trade our other car in and I am still interested in this car. I found a...
  14. Hello from Danbury CT USA

    New Members Area
    Having recently purchased a 2008 EA01J fortwo Pure from my cousin (thanks Jay!), I am enjoying this vehicle very much. It is Black/Yellow, with a/c and heated electric seats as the only add-on options. (Yup, crank windows!). I am hoping this forum will help me with any issues I may encounter...
  15. tranny 2.0 (official program name: “smart 2.0 Check Up”)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    for those of you that have an 08 and have had the re-flash what in your opinion are the differences. do you like it, hate it, what would you ask for in the 3.0 re-flash if there ever is one....
  16. Happy Annivarsary smart!

    smart center Dealerships
    In honor of the smart car's first anniversary in the US, smart center Virginia Beach is offering discounted pricing on our remaining 2008 inventory. Please call or come by to check out our latest deals on smart cars, while supplies last.