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  1. Squirt

    One last photo from our photo safari today.
  2. Squirt

    Squirt hoggin' a one-lane bridge.
  3. Squirt

    Squirt on a photo safari in Forest, VA.
  4. Squirt

    Squirt went on a photo safari today to Lynchburg VA.
  5. Squirt

    Like a lot of ladies, she looks great from the rear!
  6. Squirt

    Squirt plays in the back yard.
  7. Squirt At Home

    Squirt is tucked away in the corner of the driveway.
  8. Audio & Video
    I had the dealer install a AVIC-F900BT. It came with Bluetooth for my I-Phone, Backup Camera for backing out at the store, Sirius Radio for those long trips, GPS since I don't like asking for Directions and a DVD player when you want to go to your car at lunch and watch a movie. I love it. I...
  9. Pacific NorthWest Region
    SmartieParts will make 10 of the new Area 451 cruise controls available this Saturday Sept 13 at the PNW meet in Prosser WA. Steven will do the installation at no charge There are four more spots open. UPDATE: Time is getting near, so if you are in on the Area 451 cc deal, let SmartieParts...
  10. New Members Area
    Hi, I'm sunshinebubble, a smart car owner back in the UK and looking to buy one now i'm in the US....just wanting to see what people here in America think of them since the roads are very different here...feel like i might get eaten alive in such a small car on your big freeways! if anyone...
1-10 of 10 Results