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    For anyone buying the Metra Turbo Wire Harness adapter from Smart Madness, or other sources (Part Number 70-1783) Be advised it will not work out of the package. Apparently smart moved some wires around. You will need to relocate the Orange (Dim) and Red (IGN) wires to land into the car's...
  9. smart General Discussion
    I think they've done really well this year. Traded in my 2009 to get the better interest rate (0%!), as well as the greatly improved warranty, the eight airbags, the improved transmission, and the factory cruise control. New toy is silver on silver. I had an MDC cruise control that was...
  10. Audio & Video
    As seems to be obvious, the Smart enrty-line audio package is crap, so I need/want to replace. If someone could tell me how to safely remove the radio, I would really appreciate it - the speakers I can work around. Best, Ken
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    2012 Ford Focus Electric: Full Production Details Unveiled At CES As yet another sign of the gap being bridged between consumer electronics and cars, Ford decided to unveil not only the interface inside its upcoming Ford Focus Electric at the sprawling Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in...