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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2013 smart car fortwo pure I have acquired through family with around 92k miles. The car was sitting for around a year without anyone touching it, but it was running before then. Once we acquired it, anytime you would turn the key to start it, it would just make a click noise without...
  2. My Grasshopper Mouse

    2013 smart fortwo 451 pure
  3. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hello! My partner and I have loved using our 2013 Pure around town and all over the East Coast. We're hoping to sell because we cleared the waiting list for a parking space in our building. It's a 2013 Pure with 134,449 miles, black exterior and black/grey interior for $4,000. It's located in...
  4. New Members Area
    I just picked up this 2013 ForTwo Pure, it just came off lease. Somebody had it for the past two years and so far I've really only found one scratch and a little chip on a bumper... nothing major, otherwise great shape! All I've had to do was grease up the drivers door hinge as it was squeaky...
  5. New Members Area
    Hi everyone! My name is Yami and I live in Miami, Florida. I bought my new 2013 yellow Smart two months ago and am totally in love with it! I am hoping to get to know everyone and maybe even some people down here in South Florida.
  6. New Members Area
    Finally got one! It's Mine! Silver/Silver. heated seats. Brabus rims. Daytime LED Running Lights. comfort package, technology package - DVD CD , connect all- nav. Leather seats. All Fun. Atlanta heat should be fun...
  7. Audio & Video
    I just got a 2013 Passion coupe and want to put an after market double din DVD player in it. I've got the player from my last car but I can't find a wire harness or a radio antenna adapter, or a dash install kit for a 2013 model anywhere. Even the installers I call around town are stumped. Any...
1-7 of 35 Results