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  1. smart General Discussion
    I picked up my 2014 BoConcept a few weeks ago with only 28k miles on it. I’m obviously super happy! It’s in perfect condition! Here are some of the things I have planned as I start making changes to it. Vredestein Quatrac tires Install ATOTO Android Infotainment:
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Apologies for the verbose story in advance. For the past two weeks, my 2014 smartcar fortwo pure, with almost 70000 kms, had a slight vibration at high speeds over 100 kmh that got noticeably worse in the last 3 days whenever going over 60-70 kmh. I assumed it was a wheel alignment and balance...
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Is there a water pump in my ED if so then is it belt driven, gear driven or is it electric? Does the water get move around when I'm charging the battery in my ED? Batteries get hot when I charge them in my little home charger AAA, AA, C,& D batteries get pretty hot sometimes while charging. I...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Have you ever talked to a "Authorized Electric Drive smart Center"? Me either.:shrug: Have you ever talked to a "Authorized Electric Drive smart Technician? Me either.:shrug: I have talked to at least four smart dealerships and a Mercedes-Benz dealership about my car I've talked to the service...
  5. Audio & Video
    Hey there! New user to the forums (and new Smart owner!), I wanted to try and compile some stuff in a post because I found it was difficult to find information for my specific vehicle and ask a question. However, since I purchased the vehicle used and either there's little information on this...
  6. My 2014 Smart Fortwo Passion And A Time Out Easy Camper Trailer.

    Trailer rides a little high, but once gear is loaded I'll remeasure and see if I need a lower hitch. Tows fine.
1-6 of 9 Results