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  1. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hello everyone. I hope you're doing well. I am new to the forum and the smart fortwo ed ownership. I hope you dont mind if i ask you a couple of questions. I recently bought a smart fortwo ed 2015 with dysfunctional battery with an other battery bought at the junk yard. My mechanic successfully...
  2. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Yikes. I thought the battery would be the worst thing to go wrong with an electric vehicle! I had the 12V battery replaced last month ($700) and the HV battery was reporting over 70 miles of range. The car only has ~26,000 miles on it. One day to the next, I plugged in and after the usual...
  3. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I have a problem that I haven't seen before. Hoping that someone may have an answer. My Smart car is a 2008 451 gas powered coupe and I know a bit about that transmission, the 2015 ED version, not so much. The problem is in my Dad's 2015 ED, not my 2008. I drove my father's 2015 Smart Electric...
1-3 of 3 Results