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  1. New Member... new car...Should I buy one and what year?

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    Hi there! I am not a Smart Car owner but thinking about it! I’ve always had tiny cars but not this tiny! I had a Fiero two seater for my first, a series of Beetles and now a 2012 Prius C ( which I am keeping!) So.... question is... if I could find a Smart under 50K miles that I could afford...
  2. 2016 extended warranty issue

    smart General Discussion
    I purchased a 2016 smart fortwo passion with the 900cc turbo engine; along with an extended warranty. It is now Jan 2020 and i purchased the car in Jan 2017 as a demo... The extended warranty covers up to 120,000km not in addition to the base 80,000km warranty, which I asked to confirm to make...
  3. New-to-me owner of 2016 Smart Fortwo Prime here

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    Hello there, Just bought a used 2016 Smart Fortwo Prime (0.9L turbo, dual-clutch auto and with JBL subwoofer) and looking forward to driving it more once the weather gets better (hard to go out with 12" inch of snow on the ground). In the mean time, I am reading up more on this new car of mine...
  4. 2016 Rain Light Sensor

    smart General Discussion
    We just purchased a 2016 Smart Fortwo. It did not include the auto rain sensor and light sensor option; however it looks like we do have it on our windshield. Has anyone looked into adding it?
  5. install fog lights on 2016 Passion

    smart General Discussion
    Greetings, anyone had the experience of installing fog lights on their 2016 Smart? Mine came without them and the dealer won't even talk to me about adding them. I want to do it myself but I know nothing except that no bodyshop here in Austin will touch the job for me. Finding any parts for...
  6. What's with the new 2016 design?

    smart General Discussion
    I guess I'm feeling disappointed because I was thinking of replacing my 2008. I don't like it at all. Too boxy and it looks like too many other tiny cars out there on the road. Am I the only one? I guess I'm going to hang onto my baby awhile longer...