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  1. Three Smarts in One Space

    Three Smarts in One Space

    2016 in front, 2006, 2005 fit in the same parking spot as a single F150.
  2. For Sale: 17 inch lorinser wheels 3x112

    smart Parts Marketplace
    17 inch lorinser wheels 3x112 $600 Up for grabs is a decent set of 3x112 wheels for a Smart Fortwo. Wheels have very light lip bends in some spots. Nothing major. Or extreme. Can easily be refinished or left as is because it isn’t really noticeable as you can see in photos. Brabus and lorinser...
  3. For Sale: 1999 Smartcar 450 - BODY ONLY - $1500 obo

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    This is a never wrecked body with good title. The mechanical were removed for a project vehicle. Located in Tazewell TN. It is just a BODY.. The front wheel are not for sale
  4. Wanted: 450 model engine

    smart Parts Marketplace
    LOVE my SMART, oil pump shaft seized, basically destroying the engine! Looking for a 2005/6/7 engine (model "450") willing to roadtrip, wherever it is. Modest pricing appreciated! Would go for a seriously damaged car as well! Thanks a bunch Sandy [email protected] 406-493-6216 (yep, thats...
  5. 4 Brabus Wheels for 450 (SOLD)

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Set of 4 Brabus Wheels made in Italy for the 450 Staggered 3x112 16x5.5 ET30 16x6.5 ET-1 The fitment is for the 450, but you can put them on the 451 if you want. There is a small scratch in one of the front wheels but they still look good. NO CURB RASH or SCUFFS ans no CENTER CAPS $875.00 If...
  6. G&K smart 450 gasser registry

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Hi to all first-generation gasoline powered smart owners! You may know that I have a list of all Canadian 450 cdis and where they are. The time has now come that I would like to do the same for the 450 gasoline powered cars that were imported to the USA and converted by G&K. So far I have 50...
  7. Clever alternatives for pricey alternators?

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Hi All -- Time for a new alternator for my fully original 2001 Euro ForTwo Pulse. It seems like $400 +shipping is a bit steep, but that's the price I see when I shop online. I'm hoping not to remove the old alternator until I have the new one in hand. That means I cannot currently read the...
  8. Anyone ever had a dead battery ?...

    smart General Discussion
    i got a dumb question, probably posted before.. my 450 05 S. Mann Smart has the 3 bars of death once, got it going, and then parked it in my garage at my other (summer) home..the dome lite must have been on as the battery is flat.. the battery is only a year old, its been in storage a couple...
  9. [450 pre-2008] affordable battery options?

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    my car's dead. my baby. she won't even purr when i pet her. had some electrical hickups last spring, and one day the car just went kaput. driving down the road, all's well, then everything shuts down. engine, electrical, dash lights, odometer. everything. roller. tried jumpstarting it off my...
  10. What Fortwo (450) do I have?

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Hi everybody, I am a new user here and I am very glad with the articles. I recently bought a 2000 Smart Fortwo (City Coupe) imported from Japan (I live in Central America) with LHD. I have a couple of questions, and I would like if I can get the answer here: 1. I want to know what version...
  11. Check engine (450)

    Modifications and Repairs
    twice now my check engine lite has come on my 450 S.Mann Smart both times I think I might have redlined it sitting parked.. the first time I cleard it at AUOTZONE (free) using the generic ODB scanner on NON US Mercedes .. it cleared.. ok now the second time I have yet to clear it, (havent had...
  12. 450 with S.MANN mods is it special?

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Ok so im new at this, I just bought a 2005 450 with S.MANN mods (so it says on the body, interior ect) .. I admit this car is hot, handles better than anything i have ever owned, and looking underneath I can see why. Its pretty unique too, never seeing another like it, reason why I bought it...
  13. Hi from Michael in San Francisco

    New Members Area
    Hi All -- I'm a long time smart car fan. I have owned two smart model 450s. I've sold the Passion (see my avatar), and now drive an all-Jack Black Pulse. Am a big fan of the original smarts with 6-speed and turbo. Also love that I can park my 450 perpendicular. (It isn't legal, but I haven...
  14. Installing new multimedia headunit? (2002 450)

    Modifications and Repairs
    Hi, I've just purchased a Soundstream multimedia headunit to install in my 2002 Smart Fortwo. What is the best way to go about the installation? Should I simply hardwire the device to the car or is there a wiring harness option for a Smart 450? Thanks in advance!
  15. Final smart 450 parts for sale list

    Dealers and Parts
    I am located in Northwestern Ontario and can make arrangements for delivery to Manitoba, Minnesota and NW Ontario. I will happily ship elsewhere, but probably not the glass. I have the following parts available: (any panels are black) Rear light assemblies left and right door panels, left...
  16. Revised 450 parts for sale

    Dealers and Parts
    Rear light assembly Kerf and right door panels Both floor mats Right door large glass Left and right door small glass Windshield Roof glass Rear glass door Engine cover Wheel well styrofoam Left front panel Left and right rear panels Wiper assemblies 5 spoke rim and tire
  17. U.K vendor complaint

    Off-Topic Cafe
    Just need to vent, send a warning to other smart owners and also inquire if anyone else has had a negative experience with Digitec Ltd out of Somerset. On July 14 2011 I placed an order for a set of Bilstein Sport dampers. A package arrived July 18 2011 at my work from Digitec. Opening the...
  18. 450 model smart car (passion coupe)

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    i am located in san francisco. i've long wanted a smart car. (i even toured the factory in 2000 :) i tried to warm up to the 451 but have a thing for the cuter original design (especially the interior and slightly more bubble silhouette.) any leads appreciated. thus far i've been trolling...
  19. Servicing the 450

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Hi, We currently own a 2008 Smart and are thinking of buying one of the 2006 Cabriolets that were imported. Since we are not auto mechanics we want to have a place to take it for service. Does anyone know of a place in the Phoenix Arizona area? I have called Smart Car and Mercedes with no luck...
  20. Clicking noise when pressing unlock on 450

    Modifications and Repairs
    So I changed the battery in my crossblade and it started up no problem. Then I left for a couple months and have come back to a car with a weak battery (radio still worked but wouldn't make the "beep beep beep" noise when you lock the car. So I charged the battery to full, no when I press unlock...