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  1. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Are there any tutorials on how to replace the lower grille? I want to add fog lights to mine and i dont wanna do it unless i know the do's and dont's AND i wanna make sure i dont mess anything up. 😅
  2. 451
    Question I just notice I filled my tank n walked to the gas station register n on my way back the gas was spilling outside crazy I wonder if anyone else had this problem I looked under the car it seem like is coming from the top of the gas tank
  3. smart Gallery
    heres mine ;)also i am new to this site so, sorry if im doing this wrong!
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi all, I've been lurking on these forums for quite a while now and have had a lot of success treating various issues on my smart up until this point. As the title says, my '08 Passion 451 has had a transmission issue which has only become exceedingly apparent until recently - meaning it may...
  5. smart Parts Marketplace
    I front body parts for sale, front bumper,LF fender 275(yellow) , grilles upper(silver) ,lower 75, and some other misc items . If interesed I’m located in DC, Md area.
  6. 451
    Hello, I was driving my 451 this evening and had to get on it to merge. I’ve been having the 3 bars issue for a few months now but it’s random when it happens. Tonight, when I pulled over to reset by slowly shifting through wouldn’t go back to showing (P,R,N,D) like it normally...
  7. smart Parts Marketplace
    451 3x112 3 lug nut wheels original in okay condition. They have been used, not going to lie. Just bought new wheels so I don’t need these anymore. If you need wheels but don’t care as much what they look like and need to save money these are for you. I mainly selling to help someone else out if...
  8. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    I've noticed tremendous wind noise in my Cabrio when the top is UP. I did some research and I found other people with the same issue but no clear fix. I did a few experiments of my own and narrowed it down to the obvious suspect, the top of the windshield where the roof meets the frame. But in...
  9. 451
    My 2013 451 is having an issue where The doors will not lock/unlock from the key. The lights do come on. When the key is put in the ignition and turned to position 1 the car starts. Turning all the way to position 2 doesn't change anything. Once started the car will not leave neutral. Drive...
  10. My Grasshopper Mouse

    2013 smart fortwo 451 pure
  11. smart Operation and Maintenance
    As I mentioned in another thread, I removed the front panels to change the fan. It was long and annoying but I got through it. Something interesting happened on reinstallation: the one T30 bolt in the 'sail' in front of the mirror (where the little passion emblem is) is having a VERY hard time...
  12. smart General Discussion
    I have a 2011, Pure, with a basic radio.I would like to replace it with CD player /radio,. OR navigation system. Send me what you have and the costs, I'm in Indiana., USA
  13. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I have for sale my 09 fortwo passion. No dash lights I've replaced the alternator and fuel pump myself, new-ish rear tires (less than 2kmiles), had an alignment done and had an inspection and recall parts replacement done at the mercedes dealwership a few days ago where they told me what i...
  14. smart Gallery
    Harlem Edition withdrawal :sneaky:
  15. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've recently put an engine from a salvage Fortwo with around 40k miles on it and 2 days after the install it started making this sound. I'm not sure if it's a belt or pulley because those came off of the old engine that had been sitting for 2 years but it makes this sound on cold starts and...
  16. Memories of summer 2019

    Just looking at photos on a 33 degree Feb. day, Can't wait until spring.
  17. smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi guys, new to the smart car forums, I recently acquired a 2013 Smart fortwo ED that I’m doing a Ducati 1200 monster motor swap in. I’m selling the high voltage battery as well as all the other electric parts. Opened up the pack and measured individual voltages and found that one cell was at 0...
1-20 of 112 Results