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  1. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hello Smart EQ/ED people! Hope everyone is enjoying driving the best small car on the planet! My 2015/16 ED is currently bricked due to a 12V battery jumpstart after not being us'ed for a while. I am looking for someone who knows how to fix this and am willing to pay. Here are the details...
  2. Smart Electric drive towing Jetski up boat ramp

    No issues at all pulling a (relativly lightweight) jetski up a ramp. Like butter! - 2014 ED Cabrio / 1994 Waverunner VXR on Shoreland''r trailer
  3. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Entire hi-res album with defect highlights (ask for more photos, I'll add them here) (2009 Smart forTwo Brabus Edition) Two owners. Clean title in...
    $7,500 USD
  4. smart General Discussion
    Hi! wish my first post was in better circumstances. As is said in the title, my 2009 451 is having issues. I bought it in January at 91k miles and have put over 10k miles on it already. Recently noticed the ride was running really loud in and there's a noticeable shake sometimes when going very...
  5. smart General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I was doing routine check up on my 2008 smart fortwo (not Brabus) and I've noticed something weird. A large AND obviously not proper from The car Black wire . I followed it and goes into The interior above The steering wheel ending with a pulse switch. For what reason could be...
  6. smart General Discussion
    Before someone tells me to search existing threads, I’ve searched for a couple of hours here and found no useful info. Does anyone know how to properly access the in-dash tweeters on a 451? Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. smart General Discussion
    Hi everyone, Recently I bought a second-hand Smart 451 Pulse with apparently quite good conditions The only problem I assumed that salesman told me was Shifting paddles weren´t working, also I discovered this version can drive full auto (also not working). (Please let me know if this version...
  8. smart General Discussion
    Around two months ago I'd asked if there was any way to put a B or K series, but realized it's not possible without a fair amount of fabrication. A more realistic hope was if the smaller D-series could fit, but I've yet to find much or anything on it. So, does anyone know of any swaps that can...
  9. smart General Discussion
    Seem to have good shipping prices? Anyone deal with them? Been looking at trying to buy a new hood and I’m not I repeat not going to pay $250 for shipping for a $125-$170 part from some of the suggested sites to order from. What says the hive?
  10. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    For sale by owner: 2013 Fortwo 451 Pure - $2,200 (Saint Petersburg, FL) Hello, everyone! I'm selling my white 2013 Fortwo 451 Pure. I've loved owning this car, but repairs have become too costly for me, so the money from the sale will be going to the down payment of a new vehicle. The car...
  11. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Hi! I have to replace the soft top of my 2009 Smart Fortwo cabrio. I found a smart for parts and I would like to take its soft top. I found this video where it shows how to remove the first part: This was helpful but I can't find a video or any instructions online about how to remove the...
  12. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    So Ive got a blue cabriolet with only about 56k miles, seems low but Im not too sure with these smarts. The thing has some mechanical issues it runs rough ever since a missfire problem but I got new plugs and it sorted that out but it still runs weird cant figure out why. Im basically sick of...
  13. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Are there any tutorials on how to replace the lower grille? I want to add fog lights to mine and i dont wanna do it unless i know the do's and dont's AND i wanna make sure i dont mess anything up. 😅
  14. 451
    Question I just notice I filled my tank n walked to the gas station register n on my way back the gas was spilling outside crazy I wonder if anyone else had this problem I looked under the car it seem like is coming from the top of the gas tank
  15. smart Gallery
    heres mine ;)also i am new to this site so, sorry if im doing this wrong!
  16. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi all, I've been lurking on these forums for quite a while now and have had a lot of success treating various issues on my smart up until this point. As the title says, my '08 Passion 451 has had a transmission issue which has only become exceedingly apparent until recently - meaning it may...
  17. smart Parts Marketplace
    I front body parts for sale, front bumper,LF fender 275(yellow) , grilles upper(silver) ,lower 75, and some other misc items . If interesed I’m located in DC, Md area.
  18. 451
    Hello, I was driving my 451 this evening and had to get on it to merge. I’ve been having the 3 bars issue for a few months now but it’s random when it happens. Tonight, when I pulled over to reset by slowly shifting through wouldn’t go back to showing (P,R,N,D) like it normally...
  19. smart Parts Marketplace
    451 3x112 3 lug nut wheels original in okay condition. They have been used, not going to lie. Just bought new wheels so I don’t need these anymore. If you need wheels but don’t care as much what they look like and need to save money these are for you. I mainly selling to help someone else out if...
  20. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    I've noticed tremendous wind noise in my Cabrio when the top is UP. I did some research and I found other people with the same issue but no clear fix. I did a few experiments of my own and narrowed it down to the obvious suspect, the top of the windshield where the roof meets the frame. But in...
1-20 of 133 Results