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  1. SAM showing starter switch (Terminal 50) always on. (SAM corrosion)

    My 2013 451 is having an issue where The doors will not lock/unlock from the key. The lights do come on. When the key is put in the ignition and turned to position 1 the car starts. Turning all the way to position 2 doesn't change anything. Once started the car will not leave neutral. Drive...
  2. My Grasshopper Mouse

    My Grasshopper Mouse

    2013 smart fortwo 451 pure
  3. Desolate Dreams

    Desolate Dreams

  4. 451 front panel - T30 bolt in door 'sail'

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    As I mentioned in another thread, I removed the front panels to change the fan. It was long and annoying but I got through it. Something interesting happened on reinstallation: the one T30 bolt in the 'sail' in front of the mirror (where the little passion emblem is) is having a VERY hard time...
  5. Wanting to BUY navigation system for 2011,. 451

    smart General Discussion
    I have a 2011, Pure, with a basic radio.I would like to replace it with CD player /radio,. OR navigation system. Send me what you have and the costs, I'm in Indiana., USA
  6. 09 Passion, new beater? $2K

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I have for sale my 09 fortwo passion. No dash lights I've replaced the alternator and fuel pump myself, new-ish rear tires (less than 2kmiles), had an alignment done and had an inspection and recall parts replacement done at the mercedes dealwership a few days ago where they told me what i...
  7. Take me Back to then

    smart Gallery
    Harlem Edition withdrawal :sneaky:
  8. Smart in the Woods

  9. Engine noise

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've recently put an engine from a salvage Fortwo with around 40k miles on it and 2 days after the install it started making this sound. I'm not sure if it's a belt or pulley because those came off of the old engine that had been sitting for 2 years but it makes this sound on cold starts and...
  10. Memories of summer 2019

    Just looking at photos on a 33 degree Feb. day, Can't wait until spring.
  11. SOLD 2013 Smart ED High Voltage Battery Pack

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi guys, new to the smart car forums, I recently acquired a 2013 Smart fortwo ED that I’m doing a Ducati 1200 monster motor swap in. I’m selling the high voltage battery as well as all the other electric parts. Opened up the pack and measured individual voltages and found that one cell was at 0...
  12. 2009 smart Brabus cabrio for sale

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    2009 Smart Fortwo Brabus Cabrio Always dealer maintained Clean Carfax! 60k miles New tires New AGM battery Brabus ebrake handle Brabus seat runner covers Upgraded 17” Brabus wheels in front Brabus and winter floor mats Rear hatch cover Factory Sub under drivers seat and bazooka tube in back...
  13. [HELP] Shaking Coolant

    New Members Area
    I have a 2012 Smart Fortwo Pure (451). Got it around 6 weeks ago. When I start the vehicle the coolant shakes a bit too much and the noise its loud. At first I thought it had to do with using the AC. Since the first time I used the AC, such event occurred. Hence, I stopped using the AC so far...
  14. For Sale: 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion One Owner Clean Title

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    -Sold- 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion One Owner Clean Title ***SOLD*** Thank You. One Owner with the Clean Title and Clean Car Fax report Car runs and looks great with no issue Great for Mileage, Parking and just fun to just drive around. Location: San Jose, CA Price: $4,200 OBO Mileage: 91800...
  15. new user, old spark plug... (crossthread or stripped?)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi everyone. I just joined here. My fiancée just moved in with me bringing her 2007 Smart 451 coupé with her - and the service light came on the other day. It's not a car I'm familiar with (I'm a Saab nut) but I thought servicing would be a basic skills exercise... Changing the oil and...
  16. For Sale: 17 inch lorinser wheels 3x112

    smart Parts Marketplace
    17 inch lorinser wheels 3x112 $600 Up for grabs is a decent set of 3x112 wheels for a Smart Fortwo. Wheels have very light lip bends in some spots. Nothing major. Or extreme. Can easily be refinished or left as is because it isn’t really noticeable as you can see in photos. Brabus and lorinser...
  17. Hard Points on Rear in 451

    smart General Discussion
    I'm attaching a wind-load relief strap for a hitch-mounted trike carrier, and was wondering where the best hard point is for attaching the strap. The hitch has a 200-lb tongue-weight limit (per the towing limits in the Smart manual), the hitch weighs 24 lb, and the trike weighs about 40 lb; the...
  18. blown OEM underseat subwoofer disconnect?

    Audio & Video
    hi! ive got a 2015 smart fortwo passion with the fancier radio option and the under-seat sub. recently a friend of mine cranked the radio up much too loud and the under-seat woofer got blown and now it just rattles.:shrug: i was wondering if there was a way to unplug or disable the sub without...
  19. Is there a water pump in my ED?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Is there a water pump in my ED if so then is it belt driven, gear driven or is it electric? Does the water get move around when I'm charging the battery in my ED? Batteries get hot when I charge them in my little home charger AAA, AA, C,& D batteries get pretty hot sometimes while charging. I...