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  1. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hello, Hope you all can be of help and that I’m not violating any forum rules by posting a wanted ad! I am moving back to the US after 6 years in the Netherlands and am desperate to buy a Smart for my return home. I’ll be in the country as of the end of this month and have just started my search...
  2. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Anyone looking to sell their manual 453? Must have low miles and be in awesome shape.
  3. 20200810_081754.jpg

    Polished up
  4. Pacific NorthWest Region
    :DHi all. I've had my Smart car for 6 days now. I was scheduled for a test drive in Seattle not knowing there were any available. I was expecting to put an order in or possibly get a trade-in but there was one in the right color combo so i came back the next day and drove home. Loving it! Didn't...
1-16 of 16 Results