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  1. 453
    I’m looking to replace the stereo on my 453 (2016) to a touchscreen display. Will this unit work? Vanku 10.1" Single Din Android 10 Car Stereo with Fastboot, GPS, WiFi, Support Android Auto, Backup Camera, USB/SD, Detachable Touch Screen by Bztone Learn more...
  2. 453
    Hi, I've got a 453 (2019) with full JBL sound system. However the bass is absolutely garbage... When I'm driving I can feel a little bass coming from the front of the car, but can't feel bass coming from the subwoofer. So I went to the trunk and had a look at the subwoofer hoping it was...
  3. 453
    Hi guys ! Do you know how to turn off/disable the DRL on the Smart ForTwo 453 ?
  4. smart General Discussion
    Hey all, I never write bad reviews; I'm more of a move-on and let them rot in their own karma type. But I see that CARiD is sticking its nose into this Smart community, so I need to speak out about my experience with them. I ordered using their drop-down menus for my 2016 Smart ForTwo 1L gas...
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    2016 453 gas. Both taillights work when you step on the brakes as does the third brake light, but not when idle. When i turn the light stalk on- the tail lights turn on for a split second then click off. My question is what could be the cause of this? Fuses aren't blown. I don't know which...
  6. 453
    I am having great difficulty finding a 2017 453 manual with options in America. I was wondering if anyone ever bought overseas and imported and if so, what was the process and cost? Did modifications need to be made for emissions?
  7. Audio & Video
    Hello! Hope I’m posting this in the right section!😅 Bought 3 weeks ago an all black EQ 2018. Her name is Blackie! It’s my first Smart and my first electric car. Love her so much. But…… Is there a way to have CarPlay in the original Smart Media System? I don’t think a dongle will work since...
  8. 453
    Hi, was just wondering if all of the 2016+ 453's are Turbo or would I have to find a specific version of that model? Looking to buy one before H2Oi this summer and would really like one with Turbo, but haven't been able to find a lot of information about the engines and haven't seen the engine...
  9. smart Operation and Maintenance
    First issue I've had with the engine so far. Check engine light came on. 72,000 miles. Has anyone had to replace their MAP sensor yet? Error Code: P0108 Manifold Absolute Pressure/BARO Sensor High Input indicates that the MAP/BARO sensor had high voltage input for a predetermined period of...
  10. Interior & Exterior
    that how is did upgrade for my 2017 Smart Such a headache to upgrade and replace speaker, so I did instal front and rear speakers, amplifier and subwoofer Definitely I replace stock radio to android 10.25 inch unit, came out so good I add red ambient light, I can control brightness from...
  11. Audio & Video
    Any recommendations for speaker/amp/sub on a 453 with base speaker setup? How many speakers would I need and what sizes?
  12. Interior & Exterior
    Anyone install a short throw shifter in a 453? If so, where did you buy it and do you like it?
  13. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Anyone looking to sell their manual 453? Must have low miles and be in awesome shape.
  14. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey there fellow smarty-pantses! I recently undertook the installation of a pair of Hella Sharptones into my 2017 ED and thought I'd share a couple of things that might be helpful if anyone else wants to do it. I didn't really take pics as I went but I'll try to illustrate. First of all, I...
  15. New Members Area
    The OEM 12V Starter Battery on the 2018 Smart Electric Drive is a 60Ah lead acid. Is it possible to replace this with a 12V LiFePO4 100Ah battery? Will the electric drive be able to charge LiFePO4 batteries?
  16. 453
    Hey everyone! 👋 I am the happy new owner of a 2017 fortwo with the DCT. It was a lease return, and only has 6,500 miles on it. I understand that this car has a quirky transmission, but am unsure: how quirky is normal for these cars? I've noticed these behaviors: at low speeds (stop/go in...
  17. 453
    Hey! I’m trying to remove the front grille emblem. Any help appreciated!!
  18. New Members Area
    Hello there, Just bought a used 2016 Smart Fortwo Prime (0.9L turbo, dual-clutch auto and with JBL subwoofer) and looking forward to driving it more once the weather gets better (hard to go out with 12" inch of snow on the ground). In the mean time, I am reading up more on this new car of mine...
  19. Three Smarts in One Space

    2016 in front, 2006, 2005 fit in the same parking spot as a single F150.
  20. smart Parts Marketplace
    For sale; four (4) OEM 15" rims and tires from my 2018 (453) Smart Cabrio. Tires have less than 6K miles on them, and the rims are in excellent condition. Car is garage-kept and is owned by an automotive industry professional. (Nothing wrong with this set, however I upgraded to the 16" rims and...
1-20 of 45 Results