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  1. New-to-me owner of 2016 Smart Fortwo Prime here

    New Members Area
    Hello there, Just bought a used 2016 Smart Fortwo Prime (0.9L turbo, dual-clutch auto and with JBL subwoofer) and looking forward to driving it more once the weather gets better (hard to go out with 12" inch of snow on the ground). In the mean time, I am reading up more on this new car of mine...
  2. Three Smarts in One Space

    Three Smarts in One Space

    2016 in front, 2006, 2005 fit in the same parking spot as a single F150.
  3. 453 Original tires & rims for sale

    smart Parts Marketplace
    For sale; four (4) OEM 15" rims and tires from my 2018 (453) Smart Cabrio. Tires have less than 6K miles on them, and the rims are in excellent condition. Car is garage-kept and is owned by an automotive industry professional. (Nothing wrong with this set, however I upgraded to the 16" rims and...
  4. Backfire? when accelerating

    smart General Discussion
    I have a 2017 with about 12000 miles on it. Picked it up Dec 31 2016, and almost since day one my wife has been saying it backfires. Asked the dealer about it a couple of times but they found nothing, so I thought I would mention it here. I don't really usually notice it but my wife asks if I...
  5. New Smart Electric (453) - does it have better regenerative braking? disable creep?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Electric 453 vs 451, does it have better/adjust regenerative braking? disable creep? Hi guys Haven't driven a 453 electric. Does it have the ability to turn off idle creep mode? Does it have adjustable or more aggressive regen braking than 451 electric? Also if you had a 451 electric, what's...
  6. Installing Interior LED Lights Smart 453 Cabrio

    Interior & Exterior
  7. Has anyone successfully removed interior and exterior door panels on a 453?

    smart General Discussion
    Hi all, first time posting and only recently acquired my 2015 Smart Fortwo 453. The first modification I'm going to be doing is upgrading the awful factory speakers, I've tried removing the door panel (interior and exterior) but it would appear the wheel arch is in the way of removing the...
  8. How To Install Backup Camera in a 2016/2017 Smart 453

    Audio & Video
    Please see video:
  9. Garage Door Remote or Homelink

    Just out of curiosity, where do you keep your garage door remote? Has anyone upgraded their rear view mirror to a one with home link buttons or installed home link buttons directly on the headliner or somewhere in the car? I am currently placing my remote in the storage cabin under gear...
  10. OEM Brabus Sport Package Spec

    OEM Brabus 16" Wheel Spec Does anyone know the spec on the 16" front Brabus wheel? I need to know the ET value to be specifically. Thank you in advance!
  11. 2017 Cabrio transmission fluid leak

    smart General Discussion
    Took my 2017 Cabrio into the dealer today, thinking I had an oil leak. Turns out it is a seal for the transmission fluid. Guy told me there is a bulletin out, but no recall YET! Keep you eye out for it..
  12. I want to retro fit some OEM options

    It's probably just me, but my OCD always kicks in when I look down to the bottom left area of the dash (below the driver side air vent). Those hard, useless empty buttons in a row drive me crazy! After some research, I notice those buttons are (from left to rigth): Auto start/stop engine...
  13. Wide Body Smart 453

    I came across this Smart 453 on the internet and fell in love with it.. I utilized my people hunting skill and was able to track down to the owner. He told me that his kit was a one of, custom made kit. With the wide body, he had to cut the fenders like RWB, Liberty Walks, and Rocket...
  14. What do you think about this carbon fiber steering wheel??

    carbon fiber steering wheel Hi guys, So I was doing my research on my future mods, and I found this: I contacted the sale guy and he said he used genuine carbon fiber to construct the steering wheel and told me that he has the non-paddle shifters version in stock (He bought OEM basic...
  15. New Toy: 2017 Brabus Smart Cabriolet ;)

    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and I am new to the Smart brand! After test drove the car, I deeply fell in love with it, and wished I should have test driven the Smart years ago! Sadly heard that Smart will discontinue the gas model in 2018. I started my Smart hunt and after a few...
  16. 453 Battery Removal

    smart General Discussion
    I was showing a friend how easy it is now to get to the battery (compared to the old model), but the question came: "How to you remove or replace it?" I couldn't see an easy way to do it. Does the window cowling have to come off first? I wonder why it was done that way?
  17. 453 Rattle from rearview mirror area

    smart General Discussion
    This intermittent rattle seems to be coming from the overhead cluster where the rearview mirror, lights and microphone are. No outside pressing on parts will stop the rattle so I'm assuming it's inside the box. Is there a way to remove the cover to trace where it might be coming or do you...
  18. DCT will not shift out of park (shifter button)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    We have a 2016 Smart fortwo purchased only two weeks ago. This past weekend, when leaving a restaurant, we could not get the shifter out of park. Called Smart Roadside Assistance who contacted a tow company. The tow truck operator winched our car onto the ramp of his truck by wrapping two...
  19. upgrade Audio for 453

    OK SMARTIES! I own a Smart 453 with the JBL Audio - which is pretty darn good - however - I would like to get a bit of ambient sound from the back as well as being presented with all the sound up front. so I'm looking for suggestions. there are two openings in the rear quarter panels - is that...
  20. 453 - Nav unit temperature settings (F/C)

    For some reason my nav unit is insisting upon showing the weather (tom tom live weather area) as Fahrenheit. The units everywhere else on the system, including the display by the speedometer and everywhere else in the nav unit are set to Celsius. When I first got it home prior to updating it...