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  1. Gear Selector Trouble

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2009 Smart Car passion. Recently the ABS light came on with the caution light in the centre of the dash lighten up- took it to the mechanic and the ABS sensor needs to be replaced- I have since ordered it and it will be arriving this week. Recently my car has been giving issues with...
  2. ABS & ESP- Won't Shift out of P

    smart General Discussion
    Hello all, I have read many forums and posts regarding this issue, but haven't found any situations that replicate mine. Was hoping someone could chime in on what their opinion could be. While driving my 2010 451 passion home from work the other day, the ABS & ESP lights both came on...
  3. ABS light stays on at highway speeds after installing snow tires

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi All, After 3 winters without snow tires, I decided to get some this year. Based on my budget and past experiences, I decided to just get them for the rear. With the guidance of my car nut dad, I got Blizzak 185/55R-15's. We got our first snow here in Wisconsin, so we put on the new tires...
  4. Snow quickly disables ABS, car should not be driven according to Smart

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    My wife discovered this morning that snow quickly disables the ABS sensors and triggers warning lights which according to Smart indicate that the car should absolutely not be driven. She called the dealer and they suggested that a warm car wash might clean the sensors and fix the problem. No...
  5. Anyone have around 7000 miles on their 09 yet?

    smart General Discussion
    8500 on our '09 and no problems.
  6. ABS rings for 450

    Performance & Handling
    As our cars age, the reluctor ( ABS) rings can corrode, especially in areas where road salt is used. This causes the ABS system to malfunction , flashing dash lights, uneven braking and other unpleasantries. Most unpleasant will be when your dealer tells you that you need to replace the...
  7. Brakes work!

    smart General Discussion
    Today I had an "opportunity" to test my brake system in a real life scenario. Happily trotting along, Miss Daisy over there in her Grand Am decides, "hey, I'll just jog over here to the other lane..." Thing is, that's where I am. In her blind spot, because her mirrors are adjusted wrong and...