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  1. ac sight glass

    Does the 453 have a sight glass in the ac line? If not, how is refrigerant checked? A/C worked fine last year. Now blows no cold air at all.
  2. A/C Recharge Equipment

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I think by now I have read every thread related to air conditioning on this site. Mine isn't blowing cold air (when the blower motor decides to work at all... thank you SCoA for clearing up that headache. Weekend project coming up!). Back to the A/C troubles. I bought a used 2009 Passion in...
  3. New noises from heat/ac fan

    New Members Area
    As the weather gets colder, I am experiencing a 30 second squeal from my fan when I turn it on. After 30 seconds or so it silences. I am planning a trip to the dealership to have it checked out. I feel like it is not something serious and wonder if I can get at the fan to see what it could...
  4. AC blowing hot on long trips?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I was driving to LA yesterday for a business trip, and it was about 94 degrees outside. The A/C blew cool for about 150 miles, and then gradually got less and less powerful. The air got warmer and the fan got less strong. I'd heard on the forums that this had happened to other people. I...
  5. Add A/C to a pure...?

    smart General Discussion
    Anyone know if you can add A/C to a Smart pure? Second, how hard would it be? Many Thanks, Mattwithcats :eek:
  6. Air Conditioning Failure

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    This morning, when I turned on the fan, it smelled awful for a couple seconds. Like tire air. When I hit the A/C button, I heard a sound like fluid circulating. And NO COLD :mad:. The noise gets louder at times. Anyone have a similar experience? She's 15 months old.
  7. Milage decrease since tranny upgrade?

    smart Fuel Economy
    My milage has decreased from 39-40 mpg to 32-35 mpg since I upgraded the transmission. This also coincided with summer and hotter weather (read 'a/c on more often and higher'). No driving habit or route changes. Anyone else have a similar experience since the tranny upgrade? or with a/c? Just...