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  1. smart General Discussion
    I went to check the news this morning and saw a smart ad top and center on the New York Times website. It went through a litany of un's (un-clutter, un-guzzle, etc) and a showed a bunch of wraps, ending with a simple "unbig. uncar," a green smart, and a "meet me" button. On a related note, I...
  2. smart General Discussion
    This is for a graduate level school project. There is no compensation and we plan to release the video upon completion. What is the difference between the MINI and the smart? When you purchased your smart, why did you not choose the MINI? We're curious about what you think the differences are...
  3. smart General Discussion
    This is for a Graduate level school project. There is no compensation and we plan to release the video on YouTube upon completion. What does a smart car ad feel like? What kind of music? Is it funny? Is it cocky? Is it pretentious? Is it quiet? loud? Does it make fun of people with big and...
  4. New Members Area
    Hi, just got my new 2009 smart blue/silver passion and loving it. Hope to be able to put website of my timeperfectmusic on without having to get commercial plates any suggestions?
  5. smart General Discussion
    Hi, I did a search for survey and didn't see this topic so I apologize ahead of time if I missed it. smart HQ sent me a service survey today asking about my service visit last week. I took the car in for its 23 month warranty checkup. My rear hatch had water in it, the transmission often stuck...
  6. Texas Chapter
    BThere Media will pay to have your Smart Passion Coupe wrapped with vinyl graphics and used for advertising purposes. Contact us today for details at 512.417.6447. Looking for vehicles in the Central Texas area immediately.
  7. Smart Road Rally

    Smart Road Rally 11/16/08 From Smart Center Edison NJ to Asbury Park NJ
  8. smart Gallery
    Walking to dinner, this caught my eye. Sorry my cell phone wasn't quick enough for a obstruction free shot. There were 6 smarts, in two lanes cruising Paris streets, I am sure this is an advertising stunt. It did look "cute", especially with the fish on the roof as they all drove in a pack...
  9. Wraps, Paint & Trim
    Does anyone out there pay for advertising on your smart? Who do we contact?
  10. New Members Area
    I wonder if thats actually an offer someone makes to Smart car owners... And just how much an advertising wrap might go for... I just "Took Delivery" of my Metallic Silver (with black Cell and red interior:D) Yesterday!! And driving this thing around is already practically like being part of a...
  11. New Members Area
    I just placed my reservation last week. Still haven't heard back on it. I'm getting a Red/Black/Leather one. I'm also looking for someone to pay for some "ad space" - I'll wrap it if the price is right. I drive over 50,000 miles a year in Utah and neighboring states. Contact me for more...
1-11 of 14 Results