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  1. 453 Android Radio

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    Has anyone had any experience with on of these after market stereo systems? It's more of a full car system than just stereo. I'm thinking of getting one and hooking a backup camera to it but just wondering if anyone else has had experience to see how well it works...
  2. Made an aftermarket radio install video :)

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    Figured I would share how I installed my Sony XPlod radio here with explanation of what all the wires do :) This is my first time doing this and feedback/corrections are appreciated.
  3. Audio install

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    I have a pure that is "purely" stripped down. There is no radio/stereo. I went to the audio guys that the folks at the dealership sent me to and was told that it would probably take a month to get the dash insert necessary to install a stereo! Say it ain't so!?! Anyone have any idea if I can...
  4. Looking for improved reception

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    Does anybody know of a screw-in radio antenna that will improve reception? I don't care if it's aftermarket or OEM from another make and model. And I don't care if it's twice as long. Just as long as I can unscrew the original and screw in the improvement. (and hopefully find one that is...
  5. Aftermarket Stereo Theft

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    Hey All, I'm looking into swapping out my factory Stereo 10 for a double DIN aftermarket with nav, etc. I've had an aftermarket stereo stolen out of my car in the past and am weary of going through this again with the Smart. Can anyone assuage my fears? Are double DINS harder to steal or is...
  6. A change to 16" wheels & tires really improves the ride

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Personally, I have never kept the stock wheels and tires that come with a new car or truck. I have even brought the replacement wheels and tires to the dealer to install. Of course, I negotitated a trade-in value when I purchased the car. This may sound like money foolish. Most new cars come...
  7. GPS

    smart General Discussion
    When picking up my Silver/Silver Passion on Wed., I spotted an "orphan" Passion on the Mercedes dealer's showroom floor. It was right beside a bright red SLR. The thing that really caught my eye was that it had been equipped with an aftermarket GPS/radio/DVD etc. apparently made by Kenwood...
  8. Just finished install of my Bully Bar set

    smart General Discussion
    This morning I finished up the installation of my "Bully Bar" stainless bumper guard and side rail set from SmartCarParts, It went on pretty simply and in my opinion looks bomb as hell. I also installed the billet aluminum grill set from SmartBillet..ohh, and notice my SCOA license plate frame...