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alarm malfunction

  1. 451 Electrical Issue(s)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    My 2008Passion Cabrio has unique electrical issues, and without an electrical schematic, I cannot troubleshoot them. On the off-chance that someone also experienced these, here goes: 1. My alarm system will trigger occasionally for no reason. If this happens out of earshot, it kills the battery...
  2. Multiple System Failures

    Within a relatively short amount of time my 2008 Passion Cabrio has experienced the AC blowing totally warm, the alarm system consistently triggering unless I use the tow button on the dash, decreasing fuel economy which was consistently 36-43 now down to 20 mpg, and heavy electric steering...
  3. New Member

    New Members Area
    Hi There, My name us Alison and I own a Smart For Two Passion 2008. I have had several problems with my smart car, but the biggest is that the Tow Away Alarm is very sensitive and will sound with what appears to be no disturbances. Before reading these forums I didn't even know it was the Tow...
  4. Anyone have around 7000 miles on their 09 yet?

    smart General Discussion
    8500 on our '09 and no problems.
  5. Ugh, not again... (alarm)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Yep. My problem is back.. 2 months fixing it and today it just went off 3 times in 15 minutes. Once within seconds after me walking out to silence it...:smad: Blargh. No sign of a single thing to set it off. Time to play the dealer game and make good use of that tow button again! Thank God I...
  6. Temperature and alarm malfunction

    smart General Discussion
    Starting two days ago the temperature started to dip below 40 def F in the evenings and my car alarm started to go off continuously. Dealer tells me that this is his forth reporting of this problem and he has no solution and SMARTUSA tell me they never heard of this problem. I now face a 1.5...
  7. Alarm system malfunction

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey, has anyone had any problems with their alarm system going off for no reason at all? Mine has done this several times (on my carport) and I do not understand why. I thought at first that a neighbor's cat had distrurbed it but the last several times, no cat was around. I took it into our...
  8. Alarm system malfunction

    smart General Discussion
    I picked up my passion coupe on Saturday. Sunday night the alarm went off (1 am or so). I tried to reset it by opening the door & putting the key in the ignition and then relocking it. That didn't work and the alarm started up again so this time I started the car, drove it down the driveway and...