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  1. Audible confirmation?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Does anyone know if there is a way to get an audible confirmation that the door is unlocked or locked when using the key fob? Like the horn chirping? And I tell you for such a small car it sure has one heck of a horn! I guess they designed it that way to make sure that people around you know...
  2. How do disconnect alarm speaker

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    My alarm keeps going off on my Fortwo - always in the middle of the night. I disconnected the horn, but that didn't help - it turns out that the alarm has it's own speaker. Can anyone tell me where this speaker is so I can unplug it until I can get the dealer to look at my car? The alarm even...
  3. Ugh, not again... (alarm)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Yep. My problem is back.. 2 months fixing it and today it just went off 3 times in 15 minutes. Once within seconds after me walking out to silence it...:smad: Blargh. No sign of a single thing to set it off. Time to play the dealer game and make good use of that tow button again! Thank God I...
  4. Alarm system malfunction

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hey, has anyone had any problems with their alarm system going off for no reason at all? Mine has done this several times (on my carport) and I do not understand why. I thought at first that a neighbor's cat had distrurbed it but the last several times, no cat was around. I took it into our...
  5. Talked with Dave Shembri

    smart Delivery
    Background: Reserved 20 May 07 Visited dealership and asked to be on orphan list Jan 08. Configured 1 March 08. Estimated Date of Delivery Nov 07 - Jan 08. Wrote a letter and mailed off 5 copies to 5 addresses on 6 April 08 to Roger Penske. Adopted an orphan 19 April 08 and took delivery 21...
  6. 6may08001-edited


    Blue Belle back for a 3rd time for her alarm. The smart to the left side of the picture was also there for the same alarm problem.
  7. Alarming Situation

    smart General Discussion
    My lil Blue Belle decided she wanted some extra attention. I brought her home Monday of last week. Almost immediately her factory installed alarm was going off in the driveway. The first night I saw my cat outside and thought maybe she had something to do with it. I brought her in the garage...