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  1. Complete Smart Car Stereo w/ Subwoofer

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    Last fall I returned my leased Smart ForTwo and I have several aftermarket parts that are in perfect condition that I removed from the car before returning it... See other posts for Eibach lowering springs, or 17" Genius Darwin Wheels. Looking to sell this complete stereo package, including...
  2. Adding a Sub to the factory stereo

    smart General Discussion
    I'm planning on adding a powered sub with amp to the factory stereo. I haven't had a chance to pull the stereo and take a look at the back of it or in behind it just yet. I looked around, but couldn't really find a post about adding to the factory stereo. Is there any special connectors I'm...
  3. Behind or under the seat Sub

    Audio & Video
    I've said I wouldn't get anything past my two speakers and a head unit but I caught the fever :( I got a Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 and my two JL speakers are going to be wired to it on saturday. I don't think thats going to give me the oomph in the bass that I was hoping my expensive speakers...
  4. Worlds Smallest 300w Amp!

    Audio & Video
    Thought this was awesome! Might be great for those under the seat amp placements!