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  1. smart General Discussion
    I picked up my 2014 BoConcept a few weeks ago with only 28k miles on it. I’m obviously super happy! It’s in perfect condition! Here are some of the things I have planned as I start making changes to it. Vredestein Quatrac tires Install ATOTO Android Infotainment:
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    Asking $50+ shipping Items are in good condition -All weather mats -Stubby antenna PM for pics, can't post images yet.
  3. smart Parts Marketplace
    took it off and replaced it with s shorty:D. asking $18 shipping included
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    So, when I was taking off the front panel to replace the hood clips on my used 2008 passion, I was attempting to unscrew the antenna and it snapped off. Had a bit of corrosion in the threads. It appears that the part the antenna screws into can be easily unscrewed further down to replace...
  5. Audio & Video
    Does anybody know of a screw-in radio antenna that will improve reception? I don't care if it's aftermarket or OEM from another make and model. And I don't care if it's twice as long. Just as long as I can unscrew the original and screw in the improvement. (and hopefully find one that is...
  6. smart Modifications
    Hi, Can anyone describe where/how to mount a CB radio antenna on my 451? I'd like to use my HAM/CB/EVDO antennae but I can't imagine where I'd mount them. TIA!
1-8 of 9 Results