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  1. New Members Area
    Finally got one! It's Mine! Silver/Silver. heated seats. Brabus rims. Daytime LED Running Lights. comfort package, technology package - DVD CD , connect all- nav. Leather seats. All Fun. Atlanta heat should be fun...
  2. Smokie, The Smartie

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  3. Smokie The Smartie

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  4. New Members Area
    Hello everyone. I just joined the site and am looking forward to having some good conversation/discussion about our Smart cars!:D
  5. South Atlantic Chapter
    Found a car wash not too far from my office that did a great job on my smart. Cartique on Holcomb Bridge east of GA400 before the fire station - all hand wash for $23. With all the machine car washes out there I wanted to let everyone know I found a good hand wash place.
1-5 of 5 Results