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  1. Long-time smart owner in need of help with radio (iPhone)

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    Hi, all. I am the proud owner of a 2011 fortwo. I've always listened to music in the car with a flash drive plugged into the USB port in the glove compartment. I had the same experience others have had connecting an iPod and iPhone. Is there any upgrade I could make to the radio, app I could...
  2. Has anyone successfully removed interior and exterior door panels on a 453?

    smart General Discussion
    Hi all, first time posting and only recently acquired my 2015 Smart Fortwo 453. The first modification I'm going to be doing is upgrading the awful factory speakers, I've tried removing the door panel (interior and exterior) but it would appear the wheel arch is in the way of removing the...
  3. upgrade Audio for 453

    OK SMARTIES! I own a Smart 453 with the JBL Audio - which is pretty darn good - however - I would like to get a bit of ambient sound from the back as well as being presented with all the sound up front. so I'm looking for suggestions. there are two openings in the rear quarter panels - is that...
  4. New Radio

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  5. Bluetooth receiver in 2008 Smart Cabrio

    smart General Discussion
    I just bought a 2008 Smart Car, and am interested in installing a Bluetooth receiver. From what I've been able to figure out, since my Smart Car is pre 2010 and I don't have a USB in the glove box, I have 2 choices that appeal to me. 1) Get a bluetooth receiver that has a battery, plug it into...
  6. Behind or under the seat Sub

    Audio & Video
    I've said I wouldn't get anything past my two speakers and a head unit but I caught the fever :( I got a Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 and my two JL speakers are going to be wired to it on saturday. I don't think thats going to give me the oomph in the bass that I was hoping my expensive speakers...
  7. Best Audio System with AUX input

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    What is the best sound system for the Smart Pure that I can install with support for AUX input? I assume the factory radio does not allow for it. I opted out of having anything installed at the dealer when I got the car. I don't need anything fancy and really don't use CDs much. I just wanna...
  8. Local audio shops Portland

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hi All, I just got a 2012 Passion and want to replace, upgrade the audio...Does anyone know a shop in town that does this for a Smart? I dont need someone learning on the job! thanks!
  9. 2012 Smart Passion - need to replace radio

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    As seems to be obvious, the Smart enrty-line audio package is crap, so I need/want to replace. If someone could tell me how to safely remove the radio, I would really appreciate it - the speakers I can work around. Best, Ken
  10. replaced my door speakers yesterday

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    A friend said one of the biggest differences in sound between speakers of equal size, is the size of the magnet. That would explain the incredible difference in sound when my son and I installed new door speakers yesterday. We put in Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5" speakers, that I got off ebay...
  11. stereo, gps and cruise control wiring info

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    Hey guys I found this and it may be the correct color code for Smarts
  12. New Member-hello to the community

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    Received the SC yesterday ... Most interested in adding higher-end audio and GPS NAV. Mike
  13. Door Speaker Installation -- Shortcuts and Recommendations

    Audio & Video
    First off, let me say thanks to Evilution for their wonderfully detailed and illustrated instructions. Without them, I would have been in for a really unpleasant time. I installed door speakers yesterday (Polk DB651) and came up with a way to make the process a lot easier. I used the door...
  14. On The List

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    Just plunked down my $99 deposit and got in line. Very excited about the car, it's so different from everything else out there. Have a family car, and this looks to be a perfect commuter/around towner. Small, efficient, lots of fun. Going to get a Passion, red or maybe yellow, with the...
  15. Easy Sirius Install - Look Ma, No Wires!

    Audio & Video
    I am no particularly technically ept, and my wife wanted a serious Sirius install. I lucked out - I was able to run the wires basically all out of sight - a clean, well functioning install. Here are the basics for Sirius Sportster 5 - pics below for reference. Oh yeah, one audio suggestion -...
  16. DBL DIN kit for 451 - 2008 Cab

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    I am looking to have an Eclipse AVN2210p installed and trying to find the faceplate/hardware to do this. Does anyone know where I can get it? Many thanks.