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  1. Smart car for movie

    Texas Chapter
    I'm a student filmmaker in Austin, Texas and am looking for a Smart car to be used in a short film I am directing. Can anybody help me?
  2. CenTex smart-B-Que and Ice Cream Social

    Texas Chapter
    CenTex smart Club smart-B-Que and Ice Cream Social: Come on out and show your smart pride! We'll park near the tables* so we can show off our cars to each other. (I know I can hardly wait to show off my radio bezel!) There will also be plenty of sitting, chatting, eating, and prizes. So...
  3. Central Texas Chapter needed?

    Texas Chapter
    Okay, let's see if this thread title gets more response. Do we need our own central Texas chapter? Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville? Well?
  4. Central Texas

    Texas Chapter
    Hey, I thought we might wanna have our own Central Texas (Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville) chapter and the only way to get it, or find out if we need it, is to start a thread. Here it is, what do you think?
  5. Austin summer Ride?

    Texas Chapter
    Does anyone wanna do an Austin Hill Country Ride? Or some other destination?:p