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  1. 2017 ED radio unresponsive

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hi folks, This morning my cars 12v battery died overnight, this is the second time this has happened, this time last year was the first. The dealer scratched their heads back then after having it in the shop for 1 month. So this time I knew to just attach a battery booster to get it started...
  2. Key fob battery replacement

    smart General Discussion
    Hiya, My key fob battery is dying, what with the drawn out process to get a duplicate key made, I'm wondering how difficult it will be to replace the batter. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your wisdom and input.
  3. Battery Draining

    smart General Discussion
    I'm bringing mine in for servicing tomorrow, but thought I'd inquire if anyone has experienced something similar. A couple of months ago, my car wouldn't turn over. We figured... dead battery, it was time as the battery hadn't been changed in years. Purchased an interstate battery at Costco and...
  4. Hello - but with a Battery query.

    New Members Area
    My newly acquired 2008, 451, 999cc + turbo, has a 42 kWh battery - I assume the car's system draws some current even when the 451 is not in use, so bearing in mind I won't use it much in the winter, how long should a charged battery last before being unable to start the engine ? :| And if I...
  5. 453 Electric battery and drivetrain tutorial

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I don't know if this link has been posted on the forum or not, but here is a really good video on the battery and drivetrain mechanics of the new 453 ED. DCO
  6. 453 Battery Removal

    smart General Discussion
    I was showing a friend how easy it is now to get to the battery (compared to the old model), but the question came: "How to you remove or replace it?" I couldn't see an easy way to do it. Does the window cowling have to come off first? I wonder why it was done that way?
  7. Battery Disconnect Switch

    smart Towing
    2013 smart cabriolet can be towed four-down, but requires that the battery be disconnected. Anyone suggest (1) type and make of a switch, and (2) where is the best place to locate the switch? Many thanks, Mike
  8. Multiple Electrical Problems after Battery Replacement (Fuse 12)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Had the battery and driver's side low beam bulb replaced this evening in our 2008 Cabrio. Now the following don't work: - Instrument cluster (no illumination, or warning lights) - Speedometer - High beams - Turn Signals - Speedometer - Tachometer - Clock The car starts and runs; low beams...
  9. Leasing my first EV.... Smart!

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I am a member of USAA and have some extra incentives from them. I am leasing a new smart ev and BAP for ~149/month 36months/30K miles/$2000 down. Texas has an $1875 rebate from TCEQ so I will get the majority of my down payment back in a few months. This feels very cheap to try the...
  10. My smart electric only shows 60 miles of range at 100% charge

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I charge at home and at work (level 1 and level 2). The battery shows 100% and it stops charging but the range only shows 60 miles available. Should it be showing the promised 68 miles? Sometimes after a drive a bit it goes up to 62 miles, then goes down again. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  11. Got my yellow Smart Cabrio! Battery already dead :^(

    New Members Area
    I just bought a 2008 yellow Smart Cabrio. I love it! I'm just figuring out the ins and outs of Smart ownership. After just a few days the car wouldn't start. From what I've read, this is a common problem. Will AAA jump start a smart? Todd from Santa Cruz, CA
  12. Battery

    smart General Discussion
    I drive a 2008 Smart for two Passion. It has the original battery which makes it 6 years old. Should I wait for symptoms to replace it? Or am I pushing my luck with a battery this old?Triple AAA from what I have learned does not carry the battery for these cars in their service trucks. Anyone...
  13. [450 pre-2008] affordable battery options?

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    my car's dead. my baby. she won't even purr when i pet her. had some electrical hickups last spring, and one day the car just went kaput. driving down the road, all's well, then everything shuts down. engine, electrical, dash lights, odometer. everything. roller. tried jumpstarting it off my...
  14. OEM battery...

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    How many still have the original battery in their Smart? My 2009, bought June 2010, is still going...
  15. Check your spare key fob battery!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Just for fun I dug the spare Smart key out and tested it today. No lights from the car, not even the extra flashes indicating a weak battery... Put a new 2016 in, works fine. Close call though, reprogramming a key can be expensive...
  16. Video of Battery Replacement on 2008 Smart

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I replaced the stock battery on my 2008 Smart 451 with an off the shelf battery from NAPA. Battery details are below and I also made a 10 minute video (Vimeo link below as well) of the project (technical and "Smart" commentary) NAPA LEGEND Premium 84 Part Number: BAT...
  17. Key Stopped Working (wiring short fried the alternator)

    Modifications and Repairs
    My only Smart key stopped working today. I went to the grocery store and came out and tried to start the car and it flashed a key icon on the display and refused to start. I tried a new battery with no luck. Am I going to have to wait until Monday and go to the dealership for a re-program...
  18. Battery Dies in Winter, which Solar Charger?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Whenever my Dad leaves the car parked for a while in the winter (like even a bit less than a month), the battery is dead. Was going to get a float charger, but realize the battery is under the carpet. He doesn't want wires hanging out. Was thinking of one of those battery tender things that...
  19. Battery Charging/Defect

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    When my Dad leaves his Smartcar unrun in the driveway for a month, the battery is dead, requiring him to get AAA to jump it via the floor carpet removal. #1) How can I tell if his battery is one of the defective ones that should be replaced for free by the dealer? I think he had some...
  20. New battery

    New Members Area
    Where can I get a replacement battery 61AH