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    I am desperate for an affordable bike rack for my 2016 Smart Car. So frustrated that I paid 250 a few years ago for my leased Smart bike rack. This was the rack that screwed into two threaded holes in the back. The 2016 does not have those holes. 250 down the drain. Any help and advice...
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    I sold my 2009 Smart, I have an OEM bike rack (single bike) for the 451 model, in perfect working order with lock. Mounts left on my Brabus, so would need to acquire those from Smart to use. $100 + shipping Send me a PM if interested, I can provide pictures.
  3. New Members Area
    Hello all, the New guy from Ohio. Trying to find a Bike Rack for my 2013 fortwo I don't have a reese hitch Also I have heard many different explanations for the temporary vacuum sound when starting up my smart does anyone know for sure what that sound is? Thanks Keith
  4. smart Parts Marketplace
    I have an '05. We have the stock smart bike rack. We somehow lost the part that holds the first bike on to the carrier at the top. Anyone have one? Or can make any suggestions?
  5. smart Parts Marketplace
    Single rear-mounted bike rack for sale! We bought it for $395, selling it for $250. We only used it a few times and are selling it and transferring the car lease because we're having a baby (any day now!) All pieces are included to mount onto the car, including the neck and locking arm which...
  6. Oem Smart Bike Rack

    Oem Smart Bike Rack

    This shows the bike on the rack
  7. Oem Smart Bike Rack

    Oem Smart Bike Rack

    This is a picture of bike rack installed on the car. This is not my car but bike rack is the same.
  8. smart General Discussion
    I admit that I love the look of the Thule Bike Rack, and want to buy one. You can find these on eBay under: "Smart Car Bike Rack Single Bicycle by Thule." They're expensive, but I'm willing to pay for what I want. 1) Does anyone here use one, and if so, can you share your experience? I...
  9. My Smart 4 To Speak

    My Smart 4 To Speak

    Maybe not the best looking, but cost me only $50 to build and it works great.
  10. My Home Made Bike Rack

    My Home Made Bike Rack

    Had a few things laying around so decided to make my own bike rack for the SMART
  11. Had To Build It Myself

    Had To Build It Myself

    Can't stand the ugly bike racks from Smart & Thule, had to build this myself. Handles like a dream.
  12. Smart Rack Mounting Pins

    Smart Rack Mounting Pins

  13. Interior & Exterior
    Just installed a rear hitch and bike rack on our Smart Car. It was easy. Now we can take our bikes with us. Home
  14. Tandem For Two

    Tandem For Two

    smart & tandem
  15. Bike Rack Strap

    Bike Rack Strap

  16. Bike Rack For Two

    Bike Rack For Two

    side view
  17. Bike Rack For Two

    Bike Rack For Two

    Two bikes loaded.
  18. Bike Rack For Two

    Bike Rack For Two

    One bike loaded and front wheel set in holder.
  19. Bike Rack For Two

    Bike Rack For Two

    View of two Yakima racks with trays and front fork holders. This is an ols set-up from 15 years ago, but still works.
  20. Bike Rack For Two

    Bike Rack For Two

    Image of modified tow hook fitted to Yakima bike rack tube. Hole drilled thru for stainless rod used to tighten and loosen.