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  1. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    US car ordered new with heated cloth seats, gauges, fogs, cargo cover, factory rubber mats and it has provided 59K wonderful miles (mostly highway), consistent 42mpg, bike rack included. Moving in 20 days across country to smaller home and can't bear to leave my baby outside! Car is here in...
  2. smart Towing
    I'm putting together a harbor freight 40x48 trailer with the 12" wheels, and basically making it a tag-along roof rack. Thought some of you might be interested in this. I'm trying to keep the whole thing as inexpensive as possible, and I'll list approximate pricing for anyone interested. This is...
  3. smart Parts Marketplace
    OEM Bike Rack for two bikes from Smart $300 OBO My 2010 Passion was purchased in October 2010. The bike rack cost was $649 and was installed before I took possession of the car. There are some brackets that must be installed on the frame so a panel has to be removed to do that. Smart did that...
  4. smart Towing
    Hey everybody. I'm pretty new to the whole smart car thing, just bought mine 3 days ago on Friday. Searches turn up information about different solutions, but not as much on the comparison and pros and cons of each. I'm not sure that this is so much a towing question, but it seemed to be the...
  5. Interior & Exterior Styling
    Cargo Deck (w/ Golf Bag/Bike Rack) for the 451 smart Car This CAR SMART Cargo Deck System is an all inclusive tool which has the deck, golf bag carrier and bike rack built into the deck. A 1 1/4' hitch is needed to mount this deck (if you need one I can drop ship a CURT PN#11020...
  6. Tandem For Two

    smart & tandem
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  8. Batsmart Roof

    Smart Cars at SEMA 2008
  9. New Members Area
    I've made a very simple bike rack that fits the two tow fitting in the rear bumper. The two 3/4" black pipe (1 1/16 OD) tubes screw into the bumper fittings and hold two sets of Yakima Boa fork clamp bike mounts. With bikes mounted the rear window still opens. I have used the rack and there is...
  10. smart Modifications
    With the challenge of finding a bike rack, functional (not ugly), I found a use for my trunk mounted Thule bike rack (used for folding the rack up and down). By adding two Yakima Raptor Mounts, 5/8" ACME threaded rod (which is nearly identical to the tow thread), cotter pin, etc... a hack saw...
1-16 of 17 Results