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  1. 451
    2009 smart 451 - heater blower quit. No power getting to the blower motor - all fuses good - etc, etc, etc. Went through the Forums - wanted to try everything before I started cutting wires. One of the posts was about a connector on the back of the SAM being intermittent. I lowered the SAM...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi Folks :) I am looking for a Fan Blower Motor and a Convertible Roof, full (back & top) or back part only. I have a 2009 Smart ForTwo Brabus Convertible. I think all models & years fit the same. Thanks for any offer or advice! -Jens
  3. smart Parts Marketplace
    I am looking for Fan Blower Motor which fits on a 2009 Smart Brabus Convertible (actually, should be all the same). My fan is not working anymore. Thanks for any response, feedback, or advise. :) -Jens
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Having a problem with my heating blower. There is obviously a loose connection somewhere because sometimes, when I hit a bump, it shuts off. Then, if I hit another bump (or just smack the dashboard) it comes back on. Has anyone had this problem and can someone explain where to look for...
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I had an issue with my AC this summer. I do not use it much but when I went to use it I would only get warm air. So, I knew that it needed to be charged. My understanding is that AC systems are a closed system. The dealer told me no, that the gas gets "used up." I said that did not make sense...
  6. Technical "stickies"
    I decided to post this little tutorial so others don't go through the frustration I did tonight. Recently there have been several posts about heater blower motor failures. I joined those ranks last week. My blower was operating intermittently, and when it did work, I had to have it on high to...
  7. Infrared Sensor For The Ac?

    Infrared Sensor For The Ac?

    Image of internals of the AC infrared sensor (?), courtesy of Stuart Berman,,