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  1. Towing Our Smart

    Smart in tow.
  2. Towing Our Smart

    Check out the sizes <grin> I do not even feel the Smart back there.
  3. Towing Our Smart

    Tabs removed on ground in front of car.
  4. Towing Our Smart

    Front view with Blue Ox tabs removed.
  5. Towing Our Smart

    Towing our Smart, you can see it hooked up
  6. Towing Our Smart

    Blue Ox KarGard wider then the car <grin> This is the 3rd car we have used it on.
  7. Towing Our Smart

    Front removed installing Blue Ox base plate using two floor jacks to support the car.
  8. Towing Our Smart

    All done, car showen with tow tabs installed.
  9. smart General Discussion
    I have a new 2008 Smart Passion that has been in the dealership longer than I've had to drive it. The car has been towed on a flat bed truck for the last 2 Mondays. The car began stalling unexpectantly. Pulling out of a parking space, the car stalled repeatedly 3 times. Each time, I would...
1-9 of 9 Results